There Is NO WAY 2 Melbourne Freedom Protesters Tested Positive To Covid


Apparently, a second protester from the Freedom Rallies in Melbourne this week has tested positive to Covid.

Yeah. I know.

Let’s see what the Lying Press has to say about the matter, just to humour them:

A second person who took part in anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne has tested positive to COVID-19, health authorities have confirmed.

Earlier this week, the ABC revealed a person had been hospitalised after attending Wednesday’s violent scenes at the Shrine of Remembrance.

Hospitalised? From the sniffles or one of these?

COVID-19 response commander Jeroen Weimar confirmed the case was still in hospital and contact tracing work was undergoing.

“We’re also aware that there is an individual in Geelong who was at that protest who has also turned positive, so there’s another little flurry of activity going on there,” he said.

The man in his 30s tested positive earlier in the week, Mr Weimar said, after attending one of the rallies.

Mr Weimar said he was unlikely to have contracted the virus at the rally, “would have been at that protest during his infectious period”.

With community transmission rising, Mr Weimar warned “if you’re going to hang around in a crowd of 500 people, then if there are COVID-positive people there … then this is where you’re going to see some spread”.

Translation: If you protest against your house arrest you are going to kill people with the sniffles so we have the right to beat you to a bloody pulp.

The Geelong man is not in hospital and Mr Weimar could not confirm which day of the rallies he attended.

Mr Weimar said contact tracers were not yet aware of how the two acquired the virus.

A small number of Victoria Police officers have been identified as close contacts of the first case and have, so far, all returned negative tests.

The protests held throughout the week have led to fears of “superspreader” events.

We don’t believe you.

There is absolutely no way any rally attendee would have freely undergone a Covid test. Many of them don’t believe Covid even exists, and none of them trust the PCR test, with good reason.

This is how it would have happened. Arrested protesters would have been either tricked or coerced into taking the test. Something along the lines of:

”If you do not consent to a Covid test, I will hold you in a cell until I get a magistrate to approve an order which allows us to hold you down and take an intimate sample from you.”

They didn’t have a choice. From there it is simply a matter of letting the PCR test do its random work, or just rigging the test. Then you tell the media, and you have a narrative.

Everybody knows it’s rubbish.

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