Lying Press admits shelves are empty, blames Delta: Are they hiding the Truckie Strike?


The possibility that Aussie truckies could be blockading Australian highways, but the Lying Press is blacking out the news, is a story that just won’t go away. A major Lying Press outlet has been forced to acknowledge the fact that many supermarket shelves in Sydney are completely empty.

As you read this, keep in mind yesterday’s advice:

“Firstly, the media only pays attention if an incident has already gotten significant attention. Secondly, it only does so in order to reinforce the Regime Narrative.”

From the Lying Press:

Empty supermarket shelves are greeting customers at NSW stores in what is a flow-on effect of the state’s ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

Over the weekend, as the state entered its 11th week of lockdown, frustrated shoppers at Woolworths, Coles and Aldi stores in Greater Sydney took to social media to share pictures of seriously depleted shopping aisles.

Check point one. Also, expect the expression “frustrated shoppers” to become a thing, regardless of whether the truckie strike is a thing. We expect the Regime to try to starve us eventually.

Photos show the fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy and bakery sections all looking a little bare.

A little bare?

That, apparently, is a little bare. Check point two.

However, the sad-looking aisles aren’t a result of panic buying.

Instead, with Covid-19 widespread in the community, increasing numbers of supermarket employees have been forced into isolation, seriously disrupting supply chains.

Woolworths currently has more than 3,300 staff members in self-isolation while Coles has just under 1800 people in quarantine.

Aldi also admitted self-isolation orders for staff were causing disruptions in the supply chain.

But, there are a lot of people out of work too, right? Maybe we need to fly in some more Islanders….

Woolies, Coles and Aldi have all put out press releases saying the same thing.


“Unlike 18 months ago, this is less to do with surges in customer demand (aka ‘the toilet paper wars’) and more because of the extra pressure on our Distribution Centres, with over 500 of those team members needing to self-isolate as close or casual contacts,”

Woolworths staff are apparently “feeling the impacts of Delta very directly”.


“In playing our part to help protect the community, a number of our team members are currently in self isolation to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” a spokesperson told

“As a result, we are experiencing reduced product availability in stores and online. We want to assure our customers that we have sufficient stock available in our network, and we are working hard to get these products out to stores as quickly and safely as possible.

“We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause and ask for our customers for their patience as we work around the clock to restock our shelves. We appreciate our customers for their understanding and for treating our team members with respect as we work through this challenging time together.”


“Some employees across the Aldi network, both in store and in distribution centres, have been required to self-isolate due to being in close or casual contact to positive Covid-19 cases.”

“This requirement to isolate puts additional pressure on our internal supply chain, and on some occasions makes it a challenge to operate at full capacity. We will continue to do our best to minimise disruption to our customers.”

Australia Post also had to suspend services for several days, apparently to clear a backlog. Intriguingly, all this coincides with videos being shared on social media of trucks backed up on Australian freeways.

If the so-called “Delta strain” has been ravaging Sydney for several months, why is it only now affecting supply chains.

If the Lying Press have been forced to acknowledge that some supermarket shelves are empty because too many people have seen the footage on social media for them to ignore it, why aren’t they also trying to spin a narrative regarding the videos of all those trucks?

Why isn’t the Lying Press blazing headlines about extreme far right extremist conspiracy theorists sharing debunked footage of trucks?

This story just keeps getting stranger. Whether this is accelerationist truckies or the logical consequence of locking down an entire civilisation for the sniffles, I am glad I haven’t depleted my own stockpile from February 2020.

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