NSW Police Officer REFUSES Mandatory Vax: Sues Government


The tipping point for any revolution is when the police and army switch sides.

It’s why I always pay attention when police officers go off-script. Given the amount of pressure on them to conform to the narrative it takes a lot of guts at the best of times. When your profession is being used to unlawfully bludgeon the population into submission to an ungodly globalist agenda, courage like this is off the charts.

From Sydney Criminal Lawyers:

A New South Wales Police officer is taking legal action against the state Health Minister Brad Hazzard over the COVID-19 injection, which for many is for all intents and purposes mandatory if they wish to work and lead semi-normal lives.

Although police officers have not been singled out for mandatory vaccinations, they are still considered to be essential workers and are being urged to obtain vaccinations.

18 months in, the so-called “essential workers” are discovering the purpose for their classification in this completely artificial category. Having been blessed by their superiors with the right to keep working they are now faced with an untenable choice – because you are an essential worker it is essential for you to sell your soul.

Over and above that, officers officers who live in Local Government Areas (LGAs) of concern in Greater Sydney, must be vaccinated before they can leave those LGAs to go to work.

It’s called a local council. “LGA”, like “essential worker” is Orwellian newspeak designed to nudge people’s thinking in whatever direction the Regime wants.

Senior Constable Belinda Hocroft, who is attached to the Dog and Mounted Police unit, has filed civil proceedings in the Supreme Court of NSW against the health minister seeking a declaration that the government does not have the power to pass orders which essentially coerce people into being vaccinated.

This is a big deal. This woman is at the tip of the spear when it comes to policing the draconian lockdown on the streets. We have been placing the challenge on those tasked with upholding the law to challenge the unlawful directions of their so-called superiors. Kudos, Miss Hocroft.

Ms Hocroft’s legal team says the lawsuit, “specifically challenges the extent to which the Government may coerce its citizens to have themselves injected with a drug they object to taking, especially when there is a less intrusive alternative of having the unvaccinated citizens tested to ensure that they are not carrying the virus.”

I’ll be damned if I’m going to be regularly tested with a poison tip just to avoid injecting said poison, but I am not about to quibble with a police officer brave enough to sue the government.

The Senior Constable has been working as a NSW Police Officer for 14 years and has been told that she cannot return to work until she has had one dose of the Covid-19 vaccination because she comes from a ‘hotspot’ zone.

“Essential worker”. “LGA”. “Hotspot”. Fantabulous.

“I am not against vaccines as such. However I am concerned about the long term effects of Covid-19 given they are relatively new vaccines,” Ms Hocroft said in an affidavit to support her legal action.

“I am concerned the NSW Government is giving me an ultimatum by forcing me to take the vaccine otherwise I will become unemployed,” she said.

An ultimatum it is, the vaccine is mandatory in all but name. An even better term for this is blackmail. Refreshingly, she has backup:

Ms Hocroft certainly isn’t alone in her stance. Construction workers planned to start a class action against mandatory vaccinations, although have so far failed to raise adequate funds to do so.

And let’s face it, being able to pay the bills and keep food on the table is a powerful motivator to stay employed. Many feel they don’t actually have a choice.

Here we come to the endgame of the lie of the Australian Dream. Property ownership even without a mortgage has become a con in Australia, given the mountain of regulations, ever increasing property taxes and the myriad of little taxes foisted upon home owners. Decades of mass immigration have maintained the illusion that property will forever increase in value, to the point where houses in major cities are valued far beyond what they are worth.

A mortgage literally means a death grip”, and that is exactly what the government has, via the banks (or is it the other way around…) over all who submit to usury. Once they have you endebted, you are a slave to their whim. They can escalate the tyranny, knowing that anyone who opposes them risks losing their livelihood, their house and their lives.

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