Man loses his mind in Covid Gulag: Lying Press laugh at him


A video of a man losing his mind in Covid Gulag, otherwise known as “Hotel Quarantine” went viral over the last few days.

The guy who filmed it was a reality star I had never heard of who pointed out that the commotion in the room next to him was completely understandable.

From the Lying Press:

Hayes is holed up at the Element Hotel in the inner-city Melbourne suburb of Richmond for 14 days after filming Big Brother VIP in Sydney.

The furious hotel guest was told to ‘move your bag, close the door, (and) don’t f–ing come out again.’

Hayes referred to the officers who spoke to the inmate as police, so we can assume that is how police are speaking to “guests”.

The sound of banging and smashing follow as Hayes continues to record the confrontation.

The video then shifted to Hayes, who said the man wanted ‘to go somewhere where the walls won’t cave in’.

‘Poor guy, I can relate,’ Hayes said.

The reality star then said he ‘feels for these guys, this is sh*t. This is hotel quarantine.’

Note the complete lack of compassion to “guests” shown below:

Hayes was also given a formal warning for opening his hotel room without wearing a mask during the saga, a Covid-19 Quarantine Victoria spokesman said.

The XYZ understands they also made him sit in the naughty corner.

The reality TV personality has also been highly critical of hotel quarantine protocols through his social media channels.

After nine negative Covid tests, Hayes asked if he could complete his two week mandatory stint in isolation from his Geelong home following his time in Sydney.

The request was denied by authorities.

This is for the greater good.

This causes us to wonder, how many incidents such as this have occurred in hotel quarantine? Not everyone who has a complete mental breakdown when they are told they have to spend 12 more hours in prison is lucky enough to have a reality TV guy in the next room, so it is is possible that other such incident have been kept quiet.

Hayes has access to a sizeable social media audience, so he was able to publicise the story and frame it sympathetically towards his fellow inmate. Naturally, the Lying Press couldn’t let the narrative get out of hand, so another outlet framed the 19 year old as a criminal:

Apparently, he was:

“..already in trouble with the law when he caused thousands of dollars of damage to the Element Hotel.”

What did he do? Did he rob a bank? Ask some Marxist terrorists not to film him? No, he crossed a line on a map.

“The 19 year old initially dodged hotel quarantine, sneaking into Victoria from New South Wales, but police tracked him down in Stawell.”

There is no hiding from Big Brother.

In the most sickening moment of this whole saga, the media joined in with the privileged magistrate in mocking the poor soul:

“The magistrate said there was other accomodation he also wouldn’t like, and sent Thomas to jail. The teen will spend three months behind bars.”

You sick bastards. You’re going along with this.

The Lying Press similarly played police patsy with a man arrested on the NSW-Queensland border, running sensationalist headlines about how he head butted a police officer.

However, footage of the incident actually shows him being arrested for sitting down, having crossed an arbitrary line on the grass:

There some common themes to these incidents. Firstly, the media only pays attention if an incident has already gotten significant attention. Secondly, it only does so in order to reinforce the Regime Narrative and frame ordinary people who have had enough of ridiculous Covid regulations as criminals.

There are a third and a fourth common theme, and these are the clincher. Let’s watch another video first:

Thirdly, note that people simply film the incidents. They may yell at the officers but they stand back, often warning the police that they will face consequences for their heavy handed actions. Daniel Hayes peaked meekly through the hole in the door, and he got in trouble for even opening it. What this tells us is that the Australian people still trust in the rule of law. They still trust the courts and the sparse voices of reason scattered throughout our parliaments. They believe that the system still provides them with some small protection.

Let’s watch another video:

This brings us to our fourth and final point. Notice that the crowd vastly outnumbers the police officers, but they let them swamp one guy in order to intimidate them all.

What happens when the penny finally drops?

Nobody is coming to save you.