BILLIONAIRES Back Vaccine Passports


Two foreign billionaires who own massive multinational corporations in Australia have backed Stalinist policies which ban Aussies from going to work or entering stores if they remain “unvaccinated”.

Jack Cowin owns Competitive Foods Australia, which operates the Burger King franchise in Australia under the name Hungry Jack’s. He thinks Australians who are understandably concerned about the dangerous side effects of the Covid vaccines, such as dying, will change their minds if they are forbidden from eating his burgers:

“How are you going to get on a plane and go overseas or go to a restaurant or pub, how do you feel about that and how strong is your conviction?

“And the general answer is they will probably cave in, which will be the case once restrictions ease.”

The billionaire favours a society where everybody has to show their papers if they want to do stuff:

“From a personal point of view, it’s not about how we get this society to get the vaccine so we are able to get ourselves out of jail..

“[Vaccines] are obviously a point of tension that will exist until we get through this. But I think the passports are a logical next step to where we have to go next.”

This view is shared by retail billionaire Solomon Lew:

“We need to protect our staff and our customers.

“It is really for the government to get together with the mall owners and say, listen here fellas, this is how it is going to work, people have to be vaccinated and people have to be temperature checked. The mall owners have to take more responsibility.”

The takeaway here is that billionaires are in lockstep with the government on implementing a totalitarian, 2-tier society where the unvaccinated are discriminated against, and the vaccinated are subjected to constant digital surveillance in return for their meagre freedoms which are only ever one booster shot away from being revoked.

Way to empathise with working class Australians, guys.

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