Thousands swamp Melbourne to protest sixth lockdown


Following up the massive anti-lockdown protests which engulfed Melbourne and other Australian capital cities the weekend before last, a massive crowd of livid Australians has swamped Melbourne’s CBD to protest the sixth coronavirus lockdown imposed by the Weimar Victorian government.

Here the crowd marches chanting “freedom”.

A little later outside Flinders Street Station they were chanting “Sack Dan Andrews”.

Naturally, Victoria’s disgusting police force is singling out individuals for arrest, including an old man.

They also arrested a 15 year old boy and a 16 year old girl.

Disturbingly, they used tactics we could more likely expect from the mafia, kidnapping a speaker at Flinders Street Station then barring the crowd from assisting her. This happened at 7:15pm, well before the lockdown came into effect.

This is the biggest spontaneous protest at the calling of a lockdown Melbourne has seen to date. The fact that the crowds are growing will no doubt unnerve the Regime, which is struggling to control the narrative that the only way we are ever getting out of this torturous cycle of lockdowns is to get the vaccine.

The rhetoric from Daniel Andrews is just getting silly.

And they know what is going on. Even the Prime Minister was watching a livestream.

More and more people are waking up to the fact that the numbers simply don’t justify the lockdowns. Either every government in the world is deliberately implementing a policy to sterilise the entire human race for no reason, or there is something they’re not telling us.