Share this page of videos to wake-up normies on Covid and vaccination


Normies are good people. Normie just means normal person. For the most part, they are doing the hard work to keep food in the supermarkets, our cars running, teaching in schools and many other things we take for granted. They don’t always have time or the inclination to research every detail of what’s going on in the world. But considering the events unfolding around us, where the world is putting the spotlight on how extreme the tyranny has become in Australia – Normies are waking up and they want information.

Their first port of call might be Facebook or Twitter … But they may not realise that such platforms are heavily censored by the very oligarchs bringing us the tyranny. So it’s our responsibility to redpill them with some truth, get them to watch videos, read XYZ articles, join telegram and gab social media platforms.

Think of your family, friends and co-workers who are smart, curious and eager for information but might just not know where to look. They need to understand that the police have shot peaceful protesters with rubber bullets in Melbourne. The Government is building concentration camps called “centres for national resilience“.. And that things will only get worse unless we unite and do something about it.

This page is designed as a first step. It’s composed of a series of videos to wake people up about the vaccinations and what corporate-owned government intends to do with their new unconstitutional powers. So please share it with as many people as you can. Social media, direct email and face to face conversation. Every time you share something and wake someone up, you are making change in the right direction.


On Friday, August 7th Dr. Dan Stock addressed the Mt. Vernon School Board in Indiana over the futility of mask mandates and Covid-19 protocols in most schools. Direct link.


Stew Peters spoke with Royal Australian Air Force Veteran, Alan Hennessy, who bravely came forward to paint the picture of what’s really going on in Australia. Direct link.


From Vaccinated to Unvaccinated: How People Can Wake Up. Direct link.


David E. Martin testifies at German Corona Inquiry Committee July 9th, 2021 Direct link.


Short but sweet video with Information about who funded the Wuhan lab, who funded the vaccine and who benefits Direct link.


NBA player Andrew Bogut – I was offered money to promote lockdowns and vaccinations Direct Link.


Fully Vaccinated People Carry 251 the Times Viral Load, and May Pose Risk to Unvaccinated. Direct link.