Asha Logos: The Secret History – Underground Dungeons, Murder, Demonic Visions and the Death of the Roman Empire


Imagine a time if you will, when the rulers of the land were a gamma male on the one hand a whore on the other, and the whore was the greater of the two.

A time when the whore would pervert the course of justice to wreack terrible vengeance for any perceived slight, who amassed a formidable body count while spreading degeneracy throughout the land.

The intelligence network of this whore was so pervasive that nobody dared to tell the truth. Even the church was powerless to protect those who fell foul of her whim.

The gamma in his turn swiftly transferred the wealth of the productive to the parasite. He gave a fortune to foreign enemies abroad whom he used to commit White genocide against the strongest and most Godly of Aryan tribes. This coincided with mass immigration and a complete upending of religion and culture. In the centuries to come these foreign enemies would become the new rulers.

So evil was their reign, many testified that they had witnessed with their own eyes the rulers transform into their true demonic form.

Must be-complete fantasy.