Quote of the Day: You do the math


The following image has been doing the rounds.

It is pleasing to see the word is getting around. The following comment was seen on social media:

“27 million people 900 death’s due to covid.

“3.6 million doses of jab 210 death’s related to jab as per the TGA ( therapeutic goods administration Australian government health.)

“You do the math.”

Exactly. If you get the jab you’re an idiot.

it is intriguing, as today the advice for the Astra Zeneca jab has been changed in Australia. It is now only recommended for people over 60, not 50, due to the super rare hardly ever happens so I don’t know why we’re even bothering about it blood clot risk. Reading between the lines of this cut and paste from a Lying Press outlet:

“He said it had shifted the risk to benefit ratio of the vaccine for that age group, meaning the risks of developing a clot outweighed the benefit of being protected against severe COVID-19.

“That is partly because of Australia’s low rate of community transmission and likelihood of infection.”

What this means is that they always knew the vaccine was dangerous, but because so few people are actually dying of the coronavirus, ie nobody, it is getting harder to hide the fact that the not-vaccine is actually the real killer.

It’s your XYZ.