Interstate travel for me, not for thee


This headline would have been really funny if I hadn’t messed up the headline the other day.

Took me a day to notice.

Kinda ruined the joke. Anyway, yesterday The XYZ reported on the fact that a Victorian couple were fined over $4000 each for crossing state lines when Melbourne was in lockdown. Another guy in Queensland broke his legs scaling a building trying to escape quarantine.

Once the 25 km rule was lifted and Melburnians were actually allowed to leave this shithole, they couldn’t get out of here fast enough.

Don’t be surprised if a lot of them never come back.

Meanwhile, the guy who told people to postpone their weddings and forbade the funeral for an 8 year old kid who drowned on a school camp, has been likely engaging in reprobate orgies in Canberra, the most perverted city in the nation.

Apparently he was working.

Brett Sutton doesn’t care about you. None of these people care about you. They don’t even pretend to care about you. There is one rule for the cattle, and another for the ruling class.

The entire pandemic is a hoax.

The coronavirus has barely made a dent on overall global death figures.

The test used to confirm that you have the coronavirus is almost completely unreliable.

Even if you get the coronavirus you have a nearly 100% chance of surviving.

The not-vaccine is proving more deadly than the actual purported virus.

From here it is simply about figuring out who would want to pull such a gigantic hoax and why.

I would never want to leap to a conclusion.

Yeah it’s the jews.


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