The Victorian government has given $3,851,000 in anti-White grants this year


Check out this PDF.

In Victoria, Jews, Blacks, Browns and Yellows got $3,851,000 in taxpayer money under the guise of anti-racism this year. Keep in mind this is only one racket that these parasites have going.

Whites make up the majority of taxpayers, but don’t get anything here because all Whites are racist and therefore evil, and all non-Whites are not racist and therefore good. As simplistic as I’ve put it here, this is basically what critical race theory boils down to. A lot of the vermin involved in this grift actually believe this anti-White garbage.

Throw more money at non-Whites and more terror charges at Whites and it won’t be long until Australia reaches peak levels of social cohesion.

You can find Jacob Hersant at Telegram.