Christians Banned From SA Liberal Party

Premier Steven Marshall (probably wearing an AIDS ribbon).

By Stuart Menzies

A huge scandal has hit the South Australian Liberal party. Its been no secret to XYZ readers that the Libs have been anti-Christian for a while, bringing us gay marriage, expanding abortion, accelerating secularisation and now they want us to kill grandma and any burdensome family members with a euthanasia bill being passed in the SA Parliament.

But they dont usually come out saying they hate Christians and that Christian values are no longer welcome in the Liberal Party … Until now.

From InDaily:

“InDaily last week revealed that senior Right-faction figures in the party had been conducting a concerted membership drive in largely Christian communities, with up to 500 members – around 10 percent of the total state membership – signed up this year alone.

But sources have told InDaily the state executive today opted to reject the membership applications of more than 100 new members who joined the party in recent weeks, and whose 30-day waiting period has not yet completed – as well as writing to around 400 more demanding they explain their commitment to the Liberal cause.

The decision prompted an immediate backlash from the Right faction, with outgoing federal Boothby MP Nicolle Flint tweeting a scathing condemnation, calling it “the most extraordinary and undemocratic act I’ve seen in my time in politics”…

They have basically banned Bible-believing Christians from joining the Liberal Party.

And this is what happens every time. Whether its gay marriage, euthanasia, abortion or the children we allow to live being given sex changes, the Liberal Party is a fake conservative party who use Christians purely for electoral purposes. At their heart, the Liberals are just an atheist libertarian party.

Many hard working Christians have gravitated to the well-funded libertarian movement because they feel it will protect their freedom of religion and give them small Government. But instead, the libertarian-heart of the Liberal Party has at both the State and Federal level continued to erase Christianity as a guiding light for policy and continued to deliver us evil policies that end the traditional family. They worship “the free market” instead of God.

InDaily continues:

The membership drive – known as ‘Believe In Blue’ within the party – was spearheaded by SA senator Alex Antic, who this week told ABC Radio it was sparked by “an extraordinary frustration out there in the community about the trajectory of State Parliament and State Parliaments all across the country.”

“I don’t think we’ve ever seen a more egregious agenda of social policy reform [and] people feel as though their values and their beliefs are not being heard and not being listened to – that’s what I’m hearing in the community,” he said….

South Australia was previously the home of Family First, a Christian-based party that wanted to differentiate itself from the Liberals, which then amalgamated with Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives, created by Bernardi who left the Liberals when then Prime Minister (former Banker) Malcolm Turnbull was pushing for Sodom and Gamorah. But this conservative entity vanished and SA was left with the false-binary of the amoral Liberals and Labor.

Will this be the wake up call for Christians that they have been fooled at every turn by the Libs? It might be. The vacume left by Family First and Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives could easily be filled by the growing anger for state-sactioned murder of the elderly and disabled. There are already whispers of new parties and political organisations to hit the “City Of Churches” and fracture the state government.

Many Christians are going far beyond the mere rejection of the Liberal Party … Every Western country is showing the failure of democracy. Whether it be the rigged elections in America, a bungled Brexit and continued mass-immigration into the UK, former French Generals threatening a coup if their former Rothschild-banker president doesn’t curb disastrous multiculturalism – democracy is only delivering chaos and meeting the objectives of oligarchs.

The real redpill is that we have been deceived by a rigged system. Not one Western country is having children above replacement rate and these nations have therefore boosted their shrinking populations with non-Christians from the third world (resulting in crime and a loss of culture). Family is being replaced by the atomised consumerist individual. Christians have always been great leaders in challenging the New World Order, now rebranded as “The Great Reset” and this resistance has newfound energy. In-short, Christians are being radicalised because their faith commands them to. As Jesus said, it’s time to sell your cloak and buy a sword.