Resist the satanic covid agenda


Editor: This is the transcript of a speech given yesterday by Stephen Wells at an anti-lockdown rally in Perth. You can watch the video of his speech at his Telegram Channel, or in the video below.

Some of you may be aware that Microsoft has filed a patent in the US numbered 060606, which details a system that will connect obedience with payments of digital currency. Or you may have discovered that the European Parliament building has been specifically designed to look like a 16th century painting of the Tower of Babel. Where the Tyrant Nimrod attempted to challenge and replace God.

Perhaps you have heard of the Lucis Trust who are special advisers to the United Nations. They were originally called the Lucifer publishing company. Their stated mission is to oppose religious theology, “especially the Christian, which the Chiefs of the Society regard as particularly pernicious.”

Last July, in Australia the standard unit for a fine was changed to $222. The maximum fine for disobeying a Bio Security order is 30 units. So if you are ordered to take the CoVid vaccine and you refuse, you now face a maximum fine of $66,600.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the elites of this world DO believe in a God. It’s just not your God that they believe in.

Last week I watched a Canadian pastor who was pursued down the freeway by a Swat team. Stopped in the middle of traffic, manhandled to the ground and arrested on the tarmac! He was then thrown into a concrete cell with no mattress, blanket or pillow and kept there for 2 days with the light on day and night.

What was his crime? He held a church service during a lockdown!

Let me ask you a question. What would have happened if instead of violently arresting a Christian pastor for keeping his Church open, they had violently arrested an Imam for keeping his mosque open? You know the answer!

Where is the Christian outrage? Where is the Christian backlash? Even if you are an Atheist, don’t you claim to have Christian values? Isn’t this where you inherited your morals from? Your culture? Your Civilisation?

I have been an Atheist for nearly my entire life. This is not an accident. Nor is it an accident that most people don’t go to Church anymore. I used to think it was because we were more advanced, more intelligent and had moved beyond superstition in the West. But that’s a lie. Christianity has been under sustained attack. Subject to relentless propaganda, ridicule and subversion. The long march through the institutions didn’t begin with the Universities. It began with the Churches. 200 plus years of infiltration and subversion, by secret societies of satanic pedophiles followed by relentless undermining from newspapers, Hollywood and mainstream media.

It’s no accident I have been an Atheist for most of my life. No accident most people in the West don’t go to Church anymore. We have been programmed like this. Indoctrinated from birth so that the religion of our ancestors can fail and so that their religion can eventually succeed.

So it is also no accident that just about every restriction the Government has placed on you over the last year and every proposed technology and solution to the fake Pandemic has Satanic Symbolism associated with it.

Because the elites of this world know that to complete their vision of a One World Government where they can finish the Tower of Babel, usurp the place of God in the name of Satan, they must first destroy Western Civilisation, destroy the ethnic groups that created it and destroy the religion that we founded it upon.

Churches were not just places where we used to worship God each week. They were where we built community. Where we got to know people who lived near us, formed friendships and created an extended family. And from these relationships and tight communities, power was kept in check. Tyranny was kept in check. Because good people were concentrated near each other and were able to organise in person.

In my Grandparents’ generation, missing Church on Sunday was considered worse than skipping work or school on Monday. It was an obligation. It was a habit. It was just something you DID, regardless of whether you personally believed that God actually existed or not.

It is not enough to just meet at these rallies every few months. Who do you know here? Who will you remember when the next lockdown comes? Who will be there to go to the shops with you without a mask on? Who will be there to defend you when they come to take you to quarantine camp for refusing the vaccine? Or the mark of the beast? And rest assured, if you don’t DO SOMETHING, each week, every week, they WILL come for you sooner or later!

Meeting here is NOT enough. Use your time here to introduce yourself to as many people as possible. Try and find people who live near you. COMMIT to meeting up with them once a week every week on the same day each week. Without fail. Preferably on a Sunday. Preferably at a Church, where you can also meet others in your community and tell them the truth about what is going on. Tell the pastors and priests about the pastor in Canada and tell them that you expect, no, you DEMAND the same courage from them when the time comes. They must keep their churches open.

Governments would NEVER send armed police to arrest an Imam on a Freeway in the West for preaching in a mosque during lockdown. Because Muslims wouldn’t stand for it. They defend their culture, their religion, their ethnic groups and their civilisation from Anyone who tries to undermine it.

So why do you stand for it?!

Are you prepared to defend your family? Are you prepared to defend your community? Are you prepared to defend your culture? Your heritage your history, your race, your religion, your country, Your civilisation? Because you need to defend ALL OF IT! Because if you don’t defend all of it you end up saving none of it. As the saying goes: First they came for the Pastors, but I was not a Christian so I did nothing!

They will eventually come for you. The question is: Will you be ready?!

Will you stand up and defend your past, present and future, all that is collectively yours and all that you hold dear?

Then begin today to take back what they have taken from you. Reclaim and defend what you should be proud of. Then together we will bring down these evil people who wish to enslave us and have our freedom once more!

You can find Stephen Wells at Stephen Wells triggers everyone.