Why the male gaze is the most important in art


Fuck the ABC

When women paint other women, they always make them frown, grumpy & unattractive. Marxists are correct that the entire history of art is built on a one-sided “male gaze”. But the reason is because men always show women in the most flattering light. A man will paint a woman with a faint smile, nice composition and glowing complexion. A woman will use the opportunity to paint to complain and whinge. To uglify the female body.

Frida Kahlo.

Like Frida Kahlo always painting herself with a mono-brow & the Young British artists of the 90s art as disgusting bedrooms.

What the actual.

Bad modern female artists use their medium to destroy femininity. The Male Gaze is far more important in restoring femininity & beauty. This is a form of leadership. writing your culture’s narrative in film, advertising & social media. So to strive for any kind of zenith, you need men to be artists as women are more naturally subversive. Men will write the narrative of the good future we move into.

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