I stand with neither Palestine nor Israel: I stand with My People


I have always been perplexed over Israel/Palestine. Even before I was Redpilled. Why should I care? Why is it on the news? Why is this MY problem?

I am not a Muslim. I am not a Jew. There are no Christian Caliphates. There aren’t even any Atheist Liberal Democracy Caliphates. If it is wrong for Christians or Atheists to form one, then why is it OK for Muslims or Jews to have one? I made this argument to a Jewish guitarist who had previously tried out for my wife’s band long ago, in my Blue Pilled days, when he was telling me about Israel’s “right to exist.” He promptly blocked me on Facebook.

My Blue pilled days were ones of “live and let live”. Why should either side squabble over a tiny piece of land based on their religious beliefs?

Such naivety on my part. Now I simply wonder why did Christians give it up? Why don’t they take it back? Why do we revere the British politicians who allowed Israel to be formed or for Muslims to be continued to allowed to live there back when Britain controlled it. Britain should have colonised what is now Israel and Palestine in the same way they colonised Australia and America, when they had the chance. There should be no mosques there. No synagogues. If Jews wanted their own homeland, they should have been given Siberia. Instead of sending Goyim to perish there in Gulags during the Soviet Union era, they should have used it as a safe haven to settle in, where no one would care to persecute them.

Christian lands taken by Muslim invasions over the last 1400 years should have been taken back. Turkey and Lebanon should have been converted back to [or maintained its] Christianity. Those unwilling, exiled East.

I am done with tolerance. I am done with caring for people who openly hate me. I am done with being nice all the time. My heart, my core being, still wishes no ill will towards any other group. I simply am done apologising. I am done having my empathy manipulated and used against me. I have no desire for White Christians to reclaim the Middle East. No desire for us to begin a war of conquest, either now or in the future. I simply know that we had every right to do so in the past. That we have as much right as anyone to make the same claims now. That we only have ourselves to blame for what we lost. What we allowed our leaders to give away.

Because the current state of affairs is our own fault, I don’t believe it’s worth crying over spilt milk. Accept our losses. Learn from our mistakes. Move on. But don’t tell me that this land belongs to you. That you deserve it. That we should feel sympathy for your struggles in keeping it or growing it. I don’t care about you anymore.

We have bigger problems than whether Jews are killing Palestinians or Palestinians are killing Jews.

The problem is that Jews have infiltrated and taken over the levers of power in the West. In alliance with Satanic high ranking Freemasons and other secret societies, they bomb Muslim Countries in our name and then send the survivors as refugees to replace us in our own lands. The resulting ethnic and religious civil wars are just part of the long used tactics of divide and conquer. Combined with the depopulation agenda, they assume they can manage and manipulate the various groups so that numbers are reduced and always focused on each other rather than themselves.

The Muslims are well aware of the Jews’ immigration strategy but believe that over the long term they will triumph by turning the entire world Islamic simply by outbreeding everyone. Presumably they either don’t appreciate the depopulation agenda enough or think they will be able to overcome it. The Jews, they will leave untill last. Christians and “Atheists with Christian values” are the easy pickings to destroy first.

Into the global mix there are other forces, such as Chinese Communists that complicate all attempts at understanding and analysis. That’s my simplistic explanation here, easy to critique and ridicule by opponents.

The point is not to try and give perfect understanding of our enemies.

The point is to recognise and accept that we have them! That our failure to stand up for the ethnic and religious group we belong to makes us the weakest of all the groups that exist in the world. The easiest to destroy first. Our biggest failing is the inability of most Europeans to even acknowledge that we belong to an ethnic or religious group. That we keep repeating the lie to ourselves that “there is only one race: the human race”, whilst activist groups from other races and religions call for the complete eradication of our particular breed within it.

We are like docile Pit Bulls that have been trained since birth to slobber and simper like a Labrador. To roll over and expose our bellies to be tickled whenever the vet is called to put us down because of our “violent reputation”.

Stop “supporting Israel”. Stop “Standing with the Palestinians”. Stop “caring for all humanity”. Care for your own. Extend the hand of friendship to individuals outside of your ethnic and religious in group, only on a person to person basis and do it with caution. There is nothing wrong with being friends with someone from another group. As long as you don’t delude yourself into thinking they aren’t also part of another group.

Until White Europeans embrace their own culture and defend their own religion once more, we are doomed to continual demise and eventual enslavement or extinction. It is time to create fanatics of our own. People who care only about their own and who couldn’t care less about those who aren’t. Our empathy for each other is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. It is time we recognised this and put our empathy under the control of our logic and reason so that we prosper from it rather than become destroyed by it.

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.