Do White Supremacists have magic powers?


Courtesy of Philfy I saw the following quote in The XYZ Telegram chat:

We’re well aware that lunatic Marxists have been trying to shoehorn black violence against asians in America into their ultimate boogyman of the moment; White Supremacy.

There is no need to deconstruct this in great detail. The claim is demonstrably false. black people are a demon spawn race entirely distinct from Aryans who know only violence and eating ice cream with their hands.

White Supremacists are the best people. We acknowledge that our race is superior to every other on the planet, that we are responsible for all civilisation, art, technology, medicine, basically everything good in the world. We honour our ancestors and are determined to pass on our blood and our honour to our descendants.

A black person hitting an asian in America has nothing to do with White Supremacy. If White Supremacists got our way it would never have happened because there would not be any black people or asians in America.

This whole argument is completely stupid.


What if it’s not?

What if we have been underestimating our powers as White Supremacists? What if we really do have the ability to possess foreigners to attack other foreigners simply by the things we do?

This burning cross is believed to be responsible for several asthma attacks in Tel Aviv around Australia Day this year.

Burning crosses on mountain tops is pretty cool but we wouldn’t even have to go that far. All you have to do is play the “Everything is White Supremacy” game on Google and you have endless possibilities.

Every time you eat fruit you can make the arabs and jews fire rockets at each other:

Every time you ride a bike or climb a mountain a black person kills themselves:

Every time you listen to country music or Beethoven a chinese person cries because they don’t know how to eat pasta:

Basically if this is true we can fight the most epic race war of all time and all we have to do are ordinary, everyday things. We will within a matter of days have regained control of our nations, rid ourselves of pesky foreigners and destroyed debt slavery for good, because we have the ability to animate the bodies of people we don’t know purely through our unconscious bias.

How cool is that? We can actually fight a race war while unconscious.

One last thought:

  • Find a non-White person.
  • Start a conversation with them.
  • Interrupt them.
  • Watch their head explode.
  • Literally.

It’s your XYZ.