CORONAVIRUS PANIC: Weimar Victoria reintroduces restrictions


The Weimar Victorian government is going to make people wear masks indoors again, limit public gathering numbers and restrict the number of visitors you are allowed to have because a guy in the northern suburbs has the sniffles. The AFL has even put a pause on selling tickets.

The Lying Press is breathlessly reporting the numbers allowed, where you have to wear a mask and asking serious questions with serious faces from serious looking politicians. It is naming all the places listed as so-called “exposure sites” like some kind of death lotto. Coronavirus could strike anywhere, any time, anybody. It could happen to you, it could happen to your friends, your family, someone else’s friends. Just don’t say it will never happen to you.

It’s all so stupid. Less people died in Australia in 2020 than in any year for the last decade.

Last year the number of people reported as having died with coronavirus in their system (note the wording) was a sliver of the number of actual deaths.

The World Health Organisation has recently tried to inflate these figures even further, claiming as many as six million! people have died from coronavirus so far, but even if true it would still be a tiny fraction of overall death numbers.

The virus itself has a 99% survival rate.

Reports that hospitals are overwhelmed with coronavirus patients have been proven to be a complete fabrication.

And there are very real concerns that the vaccines are not only a greater threat than the virus itself, but have been deliberately designed that way.

Source: Stephen Wells triggers everyone.
Source: Stephen Wells triggers everyone.

If you did not turn on the television or the radio you would not know there is supposed to be a deadly virus on the rampage across the entire world. So many people are waking up to this fact in Victoria alone that crackdowns have been issued against businesses which don’t comply with so-called “contact tracing” regulations and people who don’t wear masks on trams.

The federal government is talking about so-called “vaccine passports” to not simply travel overseas but to travel interstate, and it keeps repeating its utterly nonsensical goal of having the entire country fully vaccinated by whatever arbitrary date they have pushed it back to because the vast majority of Aussies simply don’t want it and will never get the jab of our own free will.

Daniel Andrews may have been pushed down the stairs to hold this idiocy off for a little while but he is only one big-eared link in a very long chain. These psychopaths are determined to first enslave, then depopulate the world as a part of their maniacal “Great Reset” agenda.

Let me make this very, very clear.

If you do everything the government tells you, if you obey every order from a police officer, if you comply with every petty request from a ticket inspector or business owner or supermarket bully, you will never get your freedom back. You will be a slave for the rest of your life, you will live in poverty and you will likely die within the next few years.

One last morsel. The man in charge of so-called “contact tracing” in Victoria is named Jeroen Weimar.