Adios America: 2 Black Girls MURDER Pakistani Man In Carjacking


It’s like watching a nature doco.

Two black girls used a taser to steal a car off a Pakistani Uber Eats driver. They took off with the Pakistani still holding on to the left hand front door. When they flipped the car they jumped out like nothing had even happened to them. Pakistanis aren’t quite built the same way.

Note that they used a taser to steal a car and ended up murdering a guy. This is the moment when Garrett Rolfe, the police officer in Atlanta who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks after he stole the police officer’s taser in a struggle while resisting arrest says “I told you so”.

Also note that they flipped the car barely metres from a squad of black national guard, ostensibly there to protect against misinformation and non-existent White Supremacist “terrorism”.

The main government buildings in Washington DC are the new Baghdad Green Zone. Meanwhile the rest of the city staggers under an escalating crime wave.

Nobody should be surprised. With the key nodes of power and wealth now completely and openly held by the jews, they are giving vast swathes of the rest of the country over to black hordes their jewish ancestors brought to America hundreds of years ago and the brown hordes which their own generation has imported in recent decades. A wave of mass shootings and savage beatings has swept America since the election of Kamala Harris to the fake Presidency, all conveniently blamed on non-existent White Supremacist “terrorism”.

Similar logical gymnastics were carried out by the Italian filmmakers who put together Adios Africa, which documented the communist revolutions race wars which swept across Africa in the wake of the European powers pulling out of Africa in the 1960’s. They tried to blame the butchery, the savagery, the genocide against man and beast, the rape, the cannibalism, on White men. It’s basically a 2 hour long snuff film which has managed to stay on YouTube because it is cloaked in the language of post-colonialism and critical theory, but when stripped of this veneer the raw footage reveals the truth:

Everything is a Holy Race War.

The farm invasions, rapes, tortures and murders occurring now in South Africa occurred in Rhodesia a couple of decades ago, and in the rest of Africa pretty much non-stop in the decades before that. It is happening now in Australia, in Europe and America but the jewish media screams that it is non-existent White Supremacist “terrorism” that is the problem.

The jews who have subverted the sciences try to tell us that we are descended from this demon spawn. There is extensive evidence that this is a complete fabrication.

We have to understand that we Aryans are a species wholly different to the creatures which inhabit the rest of this planet. Over the millennia we have conquered every corner of the Earth and made it our home, only to be continually overrun by the beasts who surround us.

Now these beasts are in our own homelands fighting a Racial Holy War against us and against themselves. We haven’t started fighting yet.