Quote of the Day: The Grampians is not a caliphate


I have been fortunate enough to miss the bizarre public hearings of the Inquiry into Extremist Movements and Radicalism in Australia. The inquiry which refused to accept a submission from the organisation it has been tasked with outlawing, and whose members can’t even be bothered showing up.

A brief perusal of Telegram is enough to piece together the insanity, courtesy of Matty’s Modern Life:

So ASIO are complaining that nationalists are law abiding.

Watch as political parasites use this as an excuse to change the law so that expressing viewpoints they don’t like, or meeting people with views they don’t like, becomes illegal.

They can’t do anything about people’s opinions if they don’t break the law, so they will try to change the law.

jews aren’t even hiding their own corruption these days.

And Thomas Sewell:

Senator Keneally and the Home Affairs are discussing the “symbolic” banning or proscriptions of groups.

Even going as far to say there should be two levels of proscription.

1st being actual terrorists.
2nd being symbolic terrorists.

“These groups are too savvy to be designated as actual terrorists”.

“These groups are undermining the fabric of our democratic society.”

To make it clear that if you are against multi-culturalism you are an enemy of the State.

To make it clear that the Australian public are not allowed to be against multi-culturalism or else they face being designated as symbolic terrorists.

Lets make this clear, according to these people being a legal pro-white activist = (symbolic/spiritual) terrorism.

These people are the most evil people in Australia, they are more evil than the jews commanding them.

To sum up these and other key observations:

  • The committee openly states that extreme far right extremists have not committed any actual terrorist attacks in Australia.
  • The most senior spy in the country specifically went out of his way to avoid addressing this fact.
  • This is because the committee openly states that extreme far right extremist do not even break the law.
  • Thus the committee openly states it intends to change the law to make legal, peaceful nationalist activism illegal.
  • The committee openly states its intention to define active opposition to the official policy of multiculturalism in Australia as terrorism.
  • 3 of the 11 committee members are jews, another 5 are shabbos goys closely aligned with the jews, and another is a muslim.
  • Kristina Keneally is a mole.

But there is one moment which tops (or bottoms) this riveting example of what happens when you put low IQ foreigners in charge of national security, and it’s not Burgess’ prediction that a terrorist attack is likely this year. (More commentary on that tomorrow.)

The honours go to another moment of genius from the Bald Penis Head of ASIO, Mike Burgess:

”The Grampians is not a caliphate.”

Here is the full quote:

“The National Socialist Network is not ISIL; the Grampians is not a caliphate. And while the threat from ideologically motivated violent extremism is real, you should be reassured that ASIO and our law enforcement partners are on the case.”

I don’t quite know how to break it to him, but here goes:

In case you haven’t noticed Mike, according to the retard-tier analysis emanating from Canberra and poorly labelled “think tanks” that The XYZ has been lampooning for some time, it is clear that many so-called terrorism “experts” seem to really believe that legal, peaceful nationalist activists who do not hurt anybody or engage in terrorism are the equivalent of actual, murderous islamic terrorists who have actually killed people.

These so-called experts seriously seem to think that peaceful, nationalist activists share a common goal with murderous muslim thugs.

They do not seem to understand that nationalism is growing in Australia and across the West in opposition to islamic terrorism; which is itself a symptom of the mass immigration of millions of muslims into the West, many of whom are determined to continue their 1400 year jihad against Christendom from within; which is itself a symptom of the fact that Western governments have deliberately opened the floodgates to our enemies because they are controlled by jews who intend to replace us and remove any evidence that we ever existed.

National Socialist Network went to the Grampians in order to prevent it, and Australia, becoming a caliphate, you great, lumbering pillock. If NSN is not ISIL, then call off this stupid kangaroo court inquiry and go back to just hunting down jihadis.

This is the baby face who is supposed to be protecting our nation from the worst the world can throw at us.

Mate even if you can’t be bothered lifting, at least try to stand up straight.