NSN provides perfect payback to Parkdale High


Gotta love this.

Parkdale Secondary College become embroiled in controversy last week after it allowed a disgusting lunatic by the name of Kate Hamilton to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate a group of White, Christian year 11 boys.

This thing.

She made them stand up in class and told them they were “oppressors”, responsible for all the world’s problems. That’s some hell of some identity politics there.

We like identity politics here at The XYZ. It cuts through the fake constituency categories invented by jews to keep White people divided against ourselves in a tottering Liberal Democracy. It affirms that we really are one pack pitted against another, and we either work with our own pack or we get eaten alive.

From NSN:

Year 11 boys at Parkdale Secondary College were asked to stand if they were White and Christian before being branded oppressors by an anti-White “youth worker” named Kate Hamilton.

So we showed up to the college donning the black, and threw up White power stickers as a message of solidarity to the White boys and girls at the school which have to put up with this disgusting indoctrination.

Well played.

Marxists have been playing identity politics for decades while conservatives and boomers rejected it, to their peril. Thomas Sewell has pointed out that just because the media are talking about the incident, it doesn’t mean we win. Conservatives and boomers will use the incident to continue their refusal to wield the powerful weapon that is one’s identity; the school and the council responsible are passing the incident off as a simple mistake; and the anti-White media are giving the appearance of being on the side of the White boys for a change, because they know their system lackey overstepped the mark. Even Dvir has been quiet.

Hence the opportunity to make the racial struggle front and centre of this issue. It’s a bold step which will as always confront the system with the quandary:

Does it kick about a stink about extreme far right extremists, only to draw further attention to the racial replacement of Australians?

I guarantee that if they do, they will try to use some kind of argument that NSN are politicising the issue, when in fact the whole point is that the education system, the media and the Australian Regime are politicised against native White people.

Your move, communists.

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