Brittany Higgins is pretty and this whole thing is getting weird


What was the first thing you thought when you saw photos of alleged rape victim, Brittany Higgins, dressed in a cute little blazer flashed across the front pages of the nation’s major newspapers?

Yeah, me too.

Sex sells. So, they’re using sex to sell a rape scandal.

Higgins allegations of rape in Federal Parliament were merely the first in a series of allegations deliberately drip fed by the media in order to create a political storm and undermine the Liberal government. It has worked, with Morrison’s government behind in polls for the first time in a long time.

It culminated in a completely inorganic march yesterday in Canberra over something or other. Intriguingly, Higgins spoke at the rally.

So a girl who has made as yet unproven rape allegations speaks at a march whose constituents are pretty much assuming the guilt of the accused.

It is also weird that fat cow Defence Minister Linda Reynolds has paid an undisclosed sum to Brittany Higgins for calling her a lying cow. Surely somebody whose actions have been called into question by another’s allegations has every right to accuse the other of lying. The cow bit is neither here nor there. This makes one wonder, how much backing does Higgins have behind her in order to cow a Defence Minister so decisively? Particularly as Attorney General Christian Porter is now suing the ABC for defamation regarding another of the aforementioned deliberately drip fed allegations.

(It is here that I insert the usual caveat about how the Liberal Party are betraying our people via mass immigration and are no better than Labor.)

The weirdness only gets weirder when we consider what the establishment has ignored. Why is it only now that the Lying Press is prepared to use Kathy Sherriff’s full name when referring to her rape allegation against Bill Shorten? They have known about this for years, and seemed too scared to investigate further after she was interviewed by Larry Pickering in 2014.

Then there is that speech by Bill Heffernan in which he accused a former Prime Minister of raping children.

@deabs96A Former PM unknown to us, has r*ped children & still walking around free🤬 #australia #primeminister #australians #australiaday #australiatiktok #fyp♬ orijinal ses – ponciklendin

This allegation has been memory holed.

We know via the Pizzagate scandal and the fact that Israel uses sexual blackmail to control Western politicians that the political establishment is full of rapists, pedos and satanists. It is basically how ticket takers attain the illusion of power – they allow those with real power to control them via said sexual blackmail.

The weirdness escalates when we consider the scale of the rape and murder committed by certain demographics which is consistently ignored by the media. In England, tens of thousands of White teenage girls were systematically groomed and raped by non-White men. The police, the courts, the media, and the political establishment deliberately ignored this for decades because they did not want to stir up animosity against the foreigners they are using to replace the British people in their own lands.

When Zionist shill Tommy Robinson dared to report on it truthfully, they locked him up. This pattern has been replicated across Europe, most notably by the mass sexual assaults which occurred on New Years Eve in 2016 in Cologne, and in Sweden which has become the rape capital of the world.

Ebba Ekhart had her leg torn off by a truck of peace, but dare mention her and you are likely to be linked instead to the alleged murder of 50 muslims on the other side of the world several years later for no reason whatsoever.

Recently in America black man Raymond Weaver raped and murdered two White women and livestreamed it on Facebook.

Memory holed.

Two black people in America who were allowed to adopt a little White girl murdered her recently.

Memory holed.

A muslim nanny in Moscow beheaded a White child in her care and ran down the street waving its head in the air yelling Allahu Akhbar.

Memory holed.

Yet after Sarah Everard was allegedly raped and murdered by a White police officer in England and some weirdo calls for a curfew on men, the Lying Press has run articles saying it sounds like a good idea.

Mark Collett has summed it up well:

There is something very odd about the case of Sarah Everard. On many occasions nationalists have pointed out similar cases, but where the killer is of migrant descent and the victim is white, and all of these cases have been largely ignored by the media, politicians and the Liberal mob. I have personally tweeted about such cases in the past and my tweets have been ridiculed by liberals.

What’s more, there was never this amount of outrage when thousands of girls in single northern towns were groomed, sexually assaulted and raped by Muslim gangs.

Yet over this case – where the suspect is white – all hell is breaking loose and every single politician, celebrity, media hack and liberal with a twitter account wants their say.

And of course, a number of completely astroturfed advocacy groups have sprung up over night to raise money, lobby and protest.

But what I find the most interesting about this case is the liberal mantra of ‘all men are to blame’. In any instance where a non-white commits a crime, liberals are quick to wag their fingers and proclaim that the perpetrator is in no way representative of the group. However in this case, where a white male is the suspect, he is completely representative of all men, and all men must bear the burden of his alleged crime.

I firmly believe that this case has been weaponised in order for new legislation to be created that will criminalise many normal social interactions and even create a situation where looking at a woman could be considered ‘abuse’.

The way this case is being used is very reminiscent of the George Floyd case and it seems as though there is a pattern emerging where certain incidents are being weaponised to create new legislation which will always in some way negatively impact white people.

Finally, it’s weird how Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen, Jeffrey Epstein and Roman Polanski can all be accused of rape but nobody calls for a curfew on powerful jews.

As we can see, the pattern of hypocrisy and double standards of the Liberal oligarchy is well established. We can point it out until we’re blue in the face but they are never going to change. It is part and parcel of the physical, psychological, and spiritual warfare they wage against us. Thus they must be completely eliminated.