Breaking: Tommy Robinson Arrested, Jailed for 13 Months


I went to see Solo last night with my Dad. After we picked up a hitchhiker and arranged dinner and a place for her to sleep, I got to bed shortly after 11.

By the time I woke up and checked my Gab newsfeed, Tommy Robinson had been arrested and sentenced to 13 months in jail. I frequently criticize the Western legal system for its obscene cost and extended case turnover time. It would appear that they are capable of moving quickly when it suits them.

Tommy was arrested on suspicion of disturbing the peace. He was livestreaming outside court and reporting already published information about the child grooming case being conducted inside. In a few hours, he was sentenced to serve a 13 month suspended sentence he had received from a while back relating to some obscure financial misdemeanour.

In the UK, capital punishment is performed by putting your political prisoner in jail with violent Islamists, and not trying too hard to conceal the views of the political prisoner. They’ve done it before, and there is no reason to think they won’t do it again. Tommy Robinson is likely to die in jail.

His followers may in theory be able to raise such a hellabaloo that the authorities will be intimidated into keeping him alive. Realizing this danger, the courts and social media are working hard to quell awareness of the case.

People sometimes argue that the Christian doctrine of hell is barbaric. How could a good God do that? On a day like today, I would ask in reply: how could a good God not do that?