Boomers move to France – have no plan

Stupid boomer.

Reader Andrew shared this link that details the truly heartbreaking story of middle-class Australian boomers with not too many brains and even less money, who moved to France to retire while assuming that everything would run according to their wishes. Life in the form of severe blows from a cricket bat to their imperfect thought bubbles, had other ideas.

At first blush it might seem a bit rich for Australians to be crying poor after choosing to retire on the other side of the world in France. But a number of older, expatriate Australians are distressed to find they have no ongoing means to support themselves due to the lack of a social security agreement between Australia and France.

It turns out that these older expatriate Australians are all women, at least going by the information that I could glean from the article. Boomer womensz making poor life choices and then crying that not one, but two governments should now save them. Does it get any more delicious than this?

The main recipient of attention in the aforementioned article is some sort of writer it seems.

After working and paying taxes in Melbourne much of her adult life, Australian author Judy Crozier forged a new path for herself by moving to Béziers near the Languedoc coast in south-western France in 2015.

Ms Crozier, 66, sold everything she had so she could continue writing and seize some joie de vivre by retiring in France.

But she was horrified to learn there was no so-called “pension-portability” between Australia and France.

“It’s not something that’s made immediately obvious to us,” she said.

In other words, she or the other boomer womensz never bothered to check. They just blithely assumed that they could follow their dreams and that the world would conform to their expectations. How truly tragic for them that they now seem to be at the brink of penury. Tragic, truly tragic. I am almost overcome.

I decided to check out this author and see how she rates. When I hear of an author selling everything and moving to France to continue her stellar writing career, my first assumption would be that she has somewhat of a track record. A back catalogue, if you will, to keep her in French red wine and baguettes. Well, I think that my millions of readers will be shocked, truly shocked, at the news that this woman has a single book to her name.

Now, yours truly has two books to his name, but the money that I make from the sales of my two blockbusters is barely enough to keep up with my underwear payments. So moving to France on those proceeds would be somewhat foolhardy, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Yet, it turns out that her one and only book is rated at #7,581,863 in Books on Amazon at the time of writing. Now my main book fluctuates between say 3,000,000 and 100,000 on that list depending on the winds of fortune. Based on those numbers I will confidently predict that she is selling around 4 books per month. Good luck with that.

And keep in mind, this is 6 days after she has had a major article written about her on the ABC. But that ABC is an Australian media outlet so maybe it would better to check her numbers on Amazon Australia, to be fair and all.

Book of idiot Boomer woman living in France and poor: #602,325

Book of devastatingly handsome and modest crusher of leftist swine living in the Netherlands and rich: #394,866

And people wonder why I didn’t go with a publisher. Why should I give those lazy and incompetent swine a cut of my proceeds? It all goes to me, baby!

Unlike deluded boomer female failures flouncing around in France.

Have we finished having fun yet? I leave it up to my good readers to decide.

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