Jew enacts Sharia Law in Victoria


Editor: Neil Erikson has been found guilty of “disturbing religious worship”:

This bizarre charge, which follows on from Blair Cottrell’s conviction for “incitement of ridicule” against muslims, was brought against Erikson for this hilarious bit of political activism at Melbourne’s Federation Square in April 2019.

Matty’s Modern Life has provided the following commentary:

There is no rule-of-law in Victoria, the courts are corrupt, judges are almost certainly on the take and dictated to by the State as to how they need to find.

All Erikson did was tell the truth while in a public place, Muslims do NOT own Federation Square and Muhammad was a false-prophet and a pedophile who is burning in hell forever.

This is yet more proof that we need to abandon this corrupt system, it serves nobody but pedophiles, a hostile foreign parasitic ruling class, and the parasites who sell their soul to the devil for a little taste of fake power.

Why should any right thinking white Christian man respect a system that hates us and will throw us in prison for telling the truth and protesting our own ethnic and religious replacement?

God gave government for the punishing of evil, and Christians are commanded to obey the HIGHER powers, therefore when a government starts promoting evil we are not required to obey it.

Quite the opposite in fact.

We have zero incentive to obey, we have zero incentive to give any respect to the “law” that is now nothing but a tool for our own oppression.

This jewish ruled system is hell bent on imprisoning anyone who dares challenge it in any way.

“When injustice becomes law, disobedience becomes duty”, it is the duty of every Australian and every Christian to refuse to obey wherever we can, and work to remove ourselves from this system completely, in order to create our own that is free from jewish oppression and persecution.

Shame on this judge for perverting justice in such a corrupt and blatant manner, real justice is coming soon enough and all these actions will be repaid by God sevenfold, just as he promised.

Neil Erikson did nothing wrong.

Matty continues:

Update: apparently the judge in this case was a jew, making this corrupt decision all the worse.

Why is a jew deciding on matters of Christian religious protest against a foreign invading religion in our lands?

Absolutely disgusting.

In conclusion:

jews are now using their ill-gotten power to directly persecute Christians in our own lands.

This is a gross violation of any “social-contract” that we might have had.

No Australian man, Christian or otherwise, should ever have a jew residing over any criminal charges brought to them, under any circumstances.

Yet, they are now residing over cases and giving Christians criminal convictions (and now likely prison time) for nothing more than protesting against a violent, pro-pedophilia, foreign religion that none of us ever consented to letting in.

I have said it before and will not stop saying it: the white man will not be free from this persecution and genocidal agenda until every single jew is removed from our lands permanently, and every single traitor that worked with them is put on trial for treason against the people.

jews out now!

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