Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast: US Election & Coronavirus Tyranny


Mark Moncrieff and I recorded this chat a couple of weeks ago but a quibble has been bugging me ever since. I remain an ardent accelerationist but I am tired of hearing that that we somehow needed Donald Trump to lose to make everybody aware of how bad things have gotten.

Donald Trump was elected on the assumptions that:

  • The government/system is corrupt and illegitimate – “Drain the Swamp” / “Lock her up”.
  • Heritage Americans are in danger of becoming a minority due to mass immigration – “Build the Wall”.
  • America will be restored once Americans regain control of their government and their borders – Make America Great Again.


  • Before internet freedom was nuked by the Regime, articles and videos on the JQ were getting millions of hits, so the knowing is definitely growing.
  • Trump’s term ended with his supporters literally storming the US Capitol Building on the assumption that Donald Trump would back them and that he was essentially prepared to Cross the Rubicon to restore the American Republic.

The point is:

  • The numbers are there.
  • The anger is there.

Ditto across the West. Everybody knew that the system is broken, it’s just that we were giving democracy one last chance.

All our nationalist organisations have to do is:

  • Reach
  • Recruit
  • Retain
  • Organise
  • Mobilise

Anyway, enjoy.