Coronavirus lockdowns are planned to destroy people’s lives and livelihoods so we beg for the vaccine


Victoria’s so-called “cluster” of so-called “coronavirus” so-called “cases” is now listed by our so-called “government” at 13. People who return so-called “positive” tests are being remanded at the aptly titled “Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport” hotel.

At another quarantine facility in Australia, a mother recently filmed the aftereffects of an unnecessary coronavirus “test” on her young son.

Naturally, this footage has been completely ignored by the Lying Press. The Lying Press are too busy laying the groundwork to prepare people for another so-called “hard lockdown” in Victoria. 13 is some kind of magic number to them for some reason.

They are freaking out about the fact that so-called “exposure sites” are inside Melbourne Airport, raising the potential of it spreading interstate. They are memeing the idea that these quarantine facilities are not doing the job properly, and we need dedicated death camps happy camps located outside the cities manned by so-called “fully trained health professionals who know what they’re ding with PPE procedures”.

Remember that time Justin Trudeau said death camps happy camps was a White Supremacist conspiracy theory?

Keep in mind that food in Australia has been left to rot in the fields this harvest season. The excuse has been that they haven’t been able to bring in enough migrant workers to pick it because the borders are closed because coronavirus. This, at a time when hundreds of thousands of Aussies are out of work or underemployed because coronavirus.

This whole thing is a giant hoax. Hospital wards in England are empty but the government is telling everybody they are overflowing.

All other flus have mysteriously disappeared. The actual coronavirus tests are completely unreliable. Even the official figures they give barely make a dent on the official death figures worldwide for 2020.

All this is leading to the idea that the vaccine is the only way we will ever get our lives back. They are psychologically abusing us in order to break our resistance so that we take a gene-altering experimental drug which they hope they can use to control our actions. New so-called “strains” will conveniently keep mutating, and the cycle of lockdowns, testing, vaccines and death camps happy camps will never end.

The whole thing has been hastily slapped together because the few years of internet freedom that existed a couple of years ago were creating an unstoppable avalanche of knowing about the JQ and the history of World War 2. The holocaust was a psyop designed to break the spirit of the Aryan people when we were at our lowest point. Having slaughtered close to 100 million of each other across half a century of conflict, they told us the biggest victims were actually the people who had goaded our nations into war and then funded the war to keep it going.

With a free internet, people all over the world were able to bypass the official gatekeepers who had kept this truth from going mainstream for several generations. The White masses were flocking back to Christianity and National Socialism in their millions so something had to be done. They nuked internet freedom but then realised that people aren’t simply gong to forget this stuff.

So now they’re trying to kill us.

The plan from here is to stay well, keep fit, learn to fight, and make connections with each other so you can help each other out in the coming Holodomor 2.0.