Ten Africans pack rape two teenage girls in Brisbane so we’re just gonna have to keep burning crosses


Ten African men have pack raped two teenage girls in a Brisbane park. Two of the men lured the girls to the park to drink alcohol and smoke drugs. When they got there, two carloads of Africans were waiting for them.

They took them to a quarry and raped them.

The media is showing this image of the quarry, and telling us they can’t name the suspects for legal reasons.

This is a cope. It has been admitted that the alleged perpetrators were of African appearance. Therefore they can’t name them or show their photos because it would reinforce the reality that Africans commit crime at a much higher rate than Australians. This is despite the fact that any crime committed by a white guy, especially against a so-called “minority” is deliberately amplified,

The establishment and their lackies in the media are anti-White, hell bent on replacing indigenous European people in all our countries. Thus this double standard is to be expected. As White Australians our goal must be to carry on developing networks which can support each other independently of the state which has turned against us, and in building ourselves up as Aryan men.

In the meantime, there should be some kind of education campaign to inform black guys that it is not okay to pack rape. That old bitch on Channel 10 could do another rant, but it is possible something more visceral may be necessary this time.

It’s your XYZ.