BREAKING: Megan and Harry announce open relationship

It is understood the royal couple drank baby blood in a ceremony with Oprah shortly after their thrilling interview.

The royal couple Megan and Harry continue to explore new, exciting territory as they drag the Royal Family kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Megan has announced on social media that they are in an open relationship, and have been for quite some time. Harry said that he is completely supportive of Megan’s decision, then quickly stammered that it was a mutual understanding they arrived at together after he listened to Megan talk for five hours, sorry, after much discussion, and that he will continue to support in every way he can his smart, capable wife who continues to inspire and challenge him.

On the same Twitter thread, without any prompting Megan freely gave the world more information regarding the couple’s arrangement:

“Obviously, I had been sleeping with heaps of black guys well before I met Harry, while we courted, and in our first few years of marriage. I am a strong independent woman and I am not going to be held back by outdated, patriarchal, White Supremacist notions of convention, tradition or “morality”.

“About a year ago I decided it was probably unfair that only I was enjoying the fruits of a progressive lifestyle while I made Harry stay home and do meaningless tasks – I mean, obviously I won’t even let him look after my child, the baby isn’t even his, technically. So I decided to expand his world by sharing more of my life with his.”

Sources inform The XYZ that Harry was at first excited by the prospect of a threesome, but quickly tired of watching his wife get rammed by a black guy, or submitting to his wife’s demands to get rammed himself. Gossip columnist Ezra Abramovic has explained the meta-importance of what is really going on:

“This actually has absolutely nothing to do with sex and everything to do with humiliation rituals and ritual magic. Although the Royal Family is itself decrepit, incestuous and has done nothing to prevent the near total invasion of Great Britain, it still represents Great Britain, the British people and what Britannia used to be.

“What we do to Harry and the Royal Family, we do to England. We miscegenate the Royal Family, we misceginate England. We cut Harry off from his family, we cut England off from its historical, cultural and genetic roots. We cuck Harry, we cuck England. We fuck Harry up the arse, we fuck England up the arse.

“Basically we are trying to degrade and humiliate Harry to the point where he either kills himself, or slaughters his enemies it an unprecedented burst of righteous anger. The tension as to which way it will go is almost killing me. I hope it lasts.”

Rumours suggest that Kamala Harris is considering either Megan or Kim Kardashian as her Vice Presidential nominee for 2024.

It’s your XYZ.