ABC opens Gab account, gets banned for anti-White hatred


The ABC is scrambling in the wake of Facebook’s decision to ban it from publishing its lies on the social media platform. In a desperate attempt to reach its dozens of readers dotted across Australia’s inner cities, management was forced to consider the unthinkable.

For nearly an hour today the ABC held an account on Gab.

It only had 3 followers, two of whom were sock puppets set up by Leigh Sales. However it soon attracted the attention of fact checkers who noticed it was spreading harmful misinformation and dangerous conspiracy theories.

Here are a few examples which The XYZ has decided are in the public interest to share:

Many stories shared by the ABC on its short lived Gab page were far too disturbing for publication, and are believed to include multiple stories pushing the pedo agenda dressed up as so-called “lgbt activism”.

Understandably, Gab admin received hundreds of complaints within minutes of activation of the account, so it moved swiftly to protect the public from the ABC’s race baiting and promotion of degeneracy.

The ABC cried foul, accusing Gab of censorship and posting screenshots of the evidence:

Gab responded unequivocally, issuing a short statement:

“The people at the ABC seem to think that everybody else thinks like them, and only a tiny minority on the fringes of society disagree with them. They had previously categorised alternative social media as the haven of so-called “extremists” and “conspiracy theory lunatics”. Yet our platform is simply a place where ordinary people, who realise they are being lied to by the establishment, are free to say what they really think.

“It appears to have been quite a shock for them, having to compete on a level playing field, where the rules are not skewed by them and their ilk. They have discovered very quickly that their views are anathema to the majority of the population, and actually go against all laws of human decency.”

An anonymous source from the ABC spoke with The XYZ:

“So like, we’re really worried. When the internet started out, it was basically a free for all, and people of every subculture were able to form their own communities, free of interference. Obviously, this was a threat to our masters’ monopoly over the narrative, so we started corralling people through just a few websites on the internet; Facebook for social interaction and news, Google for information gathering, and YouTube for videos.

“For a few years this was almost a disaster because people were still allowed to say whatever they wanted. It nearly caused a revolution. Thankfully, since about 2017 we have been able to steadily regain control over the internet. We now have almost total control.

“People have forgotten how to get news from the source of news, because we have spent a good decade conditioning everybody to get it from the one source – Facebook.

“We have successfully hijacked the internet, repurposing it into a tool with which we can funnel the majority of people back to the information we want them to consume.

“Now we are frantically trying to tell everybody over the radio to just find us over the radio, but that isn’t really helping because the message is only reaching those people who still remember how to tune in to the AM band, and they don’t know how to use the internet.”

The ABC is reportedly attempting to set up a Telegram channel, but nobody can figure out how to use the app.

It’s your XYZ.

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