What is the message of the South Australia lockdown?


Thought we were out the woods?

The Bog Roll Boogaroo strikes in Adelaide. Police have been posted to keep order in supermarkets. The Matrix has learned from what happened last time.

South Australians are queuing in their thousands to get tested, as programmed.

They’re running this programme everywhere. Here is a line of people queueing in cars in Los Angeles.

23 cases of coronavirus have been detected in Adelaide, most of which are from one family. No deaths of course. The SA government has implemented a snap 6 day lockdown, and told its people it is the only hope of having a normal Christmas. They always do that, leave a carrot dangling just in front of your nose, then just move it a little further six days later, then 2 weeks later, then it’s months.

Naturally, cuck muzzles are now mandatory in SA.

Just as our liberty is never fully restored once a lockdown ends – masks are still mandatory in Victoria and restrictions will hamstring small business for months if not years – each new lockdown imposes slightly more onerous restrictions. In Britain they blocked access to items deemed “non-essential” in stores. In South Australia, outdoor exercise is now banned. Even here in Danograd we were at least allowed an hour’s yard time.

This is all completely unnecessary. This is a casedemic, not a pandemic.

From Worldometer, 19/11/2020.

The testing and classification for coronavirus is unreliable. We are told this is a supervirus which could bring an end to human life, yet the reported death figures indicate it is merely a bad flu. Compared to overall worldwide deaths for 2020, coronavirus has barely made a dint.

This is about control and power. Political leaders across the West are puppets of a Bill Gates owned faction in the United Nations and World Economic Forum which wants to institute worldwide communism. They have labelled this global, elite-led communist revolution The Great Reset, and puppet leaders, knowing that if they refuse they will get colour revolutioned, parrot its talking points.

So what is the message of the South Australian lockdown?

They’re messing with us. They don’t want us to get too comfortable, they want us always on edge, fearful that the next outbreak and corresponding lockdown could happen anywhere in any season. This keeps us in survival mode, at the mercy of our captors.

The slave masters of this world view us as cattle and they want us to think and act like cattle.

George Orwell features this strategy as the overlying story arc of his book, 1984. The regime imprisons you, tortures you physically and psychologically, then lets you out for a taste of freedom before finishing you off. They’re like cats playing with a mouse.

At the end of 1984 Winston Smith realises that he loves Big Brother, and we the reader deduce that his show trial and execution lie just days away. Similarly, many sheep in the West will love Big Fat Sister when we are offered the vaccine with a 95% effectiveness.

Given the size of the demonstrations in Europe, it is refreshing to know that millions of us understand that this is a trap.