Quitting all mainstream media


The events of the past week have caused a change in my daily habits. It has long been my habit to read The Australian newspaper, or at least glance through it. Once I would have counted it as being on the right. At best it was probably conservative back when that word meant something, a deceit for sure, but a comfortable one.

I cannot read that newspaper anymore, not after seeing what it has written leading up to this 2020 US election and its obvious and pathetic efforts to proclaim the Democrat usurper the winner. I suppose that I have educated myself over these years and now the lies and untruths are simply too much to endure. I cannot abide the lies that these mainstream media outlets disseminate.

In fact, I have not opened the website of The Australian since last Wednesday. And I do not intend to ever look at it again.

Nor will I partake of any other MSM propaganda. It is not just that it is not worth my time. It is not worth my sanity. Every time that we take apart some ridiculous article from something like The Guardian, we think that we are being clever. But what we are actually doing is playing into their hands. By discussing their articles we are helping to disseminate them which allows the nefarious topics to enter into collective consciousness. It does not matter how absurd a topic in question is, the effect will be the same.

In fact, as we have seen over the past few decades, topics and ideas that would have been considered lunatic asylum stuff only a few years’ ago are now not only considered to be mainstream, but people are attacked for not publicly proclaiming their allegiance to the lies. What we mock today we help become reality tomorrow.

The enemy does not like to be effectively mocked, which is why the meme wars have been so entertaining. But the enemy hates above all else to be ignored. The best thing that we can do to counter the bastards is to effectively disseminate our own ideas while giving no oxygen to their own. And this is also a challenge for us as it is easier to mock than to build. How many times have we heard a young man ask in exasperation just what he is supposed to do? Guidance and mentorship is what we should be engaged in while we selectively attack the enemy when needed with overwhelming force.

But for me the first step will be to shut off all mainstream media. All of it, even those outlets that I have considered to be nominally on our side or at least valuable for the tidbits that they provide. I will not give any oxygen to my enemies. I will not even acknowledge that they have a platform on which to stand. They are nothing to me, their ideologies are abhorrent, the very air that emanates from their diseased mouths a pestilence which exists only to infect and destroy. By engaging with the darkness on any level except total war you become the darkness.

When we do engage it will be to fight. But for now my task is to build and that is where my attentions shall reside.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.