Everybody is laughing at Lidia Thorpe


Lidia Thorpe dresses like she has been watching too much Vikings and now thinks she can clobber a room full of men with a stick.

So this white woman does an American black power salute as she gets sworn into Australia’s federal parliament…

She’s been rightly pilloried:

Note the smirk on her face as she swears allegiance to Our Queen. If you want us to respect the culture you have appropriated, you should at least be reciprocal about it:

She could also not support a Marxist terrorist Organisation:

What are we supposed to call aboriginal people these days? Is it “aboriginal”, “indigenous” or “first nations”? This SBS Tweet and video uses all three terms at various stages. It makes it terribly difficult for them to insist that us native Anglo Aussies use just one of the terms in particular.

The comments just go on like this. It’s beautiful.

If the oligarchy are going to keep trying to gaslight us, they will have to do a better job than her. Nobody takes this clown seriously.

It’s your XYZ.

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