Kids trusted Hitler more than they trust Biden


It is intriguing when you view this footage of Adolf Hitler with children. The person who uploaded it had to put this bizarre bit at the start asking if Hitler was a pedo. He seems to be trying to frame the footage, he even put a few extra snarky comments in there, and he has been destroyed in the comments for it.

Beethoven’s second movement from his 5th Piano Concerto is played over the footage, and a snippet from Robert Schumann’s Von fremden Ländern und Menschen from his Kinderszenen suite is played over the puppies bit at the end.

Hitler has a few daggy uncle moments, the kids sometimes want to get away but there is never anything inappropriate about the way he is with them. The kids appear to trust him and appear reasonably comfortable.

Compare that with the footage everybody has seen of Creepy Uncle Joe Biden.

The man is disgusting. The horrified reaction of the children to him is one thing, the awkward laughter of the clearly terrified parents is another. Obviously, if Hitler had behaved like this around children you would know about it. Hell, if Donald Trump treated children like this he would never have been elected.

The subtext appears to be that you can abuse children all you want as long as you don’t gas 7 million Jews.