ScoMo BTFO’s Climate Cult: Advocates Hazard Reduction Burns


Australia is at a crossroads. We can either cut fuel loads to mitigate the intensity of bushfires, or we can continue to worship the false god of climate change and burn to a crisp every summer. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is under intense pressure to toe the line on climate hysteria but so far he has not blinked.

From the Australian:

Scott Morrison has called for a ­national standard for bushfire hazard-­reduction burns and ­declared that tracking measures to cut fuel loads is at least as important as monitoring Australia’s carbon emissions.

In the wake of the bushfires crisis, the Prime Minister criticised the fact there were clear rules and transparency arrangements for reporting on emissions but not on mitigation measures.

He highlighted hazard-reduction burns, land-clearing laws and management of native vegetation and national parks as critical state issues that had to be scrutinised.

ScoMo reads The XYZ. It has also been refreshing to see basically everyone on the right saying this. The MSM, State governments, the Socialist Alternative infected environmentalist groups and the Twitterati have done their best to blame the Australian bushfires on so-called “climate change” and distract from their own culpability in allowing fuel loads to become catastrophic.

However, Morrison’s base has pushed back strongly against the climate alarmist narrative and this will have given him the confidence to advocate so strongly for hazard reduction burns.

He might be a cuck, but we’ve got his back on this one.

“We report all the time on what our emissions reductions are but across the country there is not a national system of reporting to track how hazard reduction is progressing,” Mr Morrison said on Tuesday night.

“These are all responsibilities of the states and I’m not making any argument for the federal ­government to be intervening in any of these areas but it is a very reasonable expectation people have that there are national ­standards, that there is transparency around how this is being achieved.”

Well framed. “National standard” and “transparency” are favoured trigger words for Australian marxists and ScoMo is throwing it right back at them. And he is very politely pointing out that the deaths of 29 people, the loss of over 1000 homes and the Koalacaust of over a billion animals (apparently) is all their fault:

“Hazard reduction is as important as emissions reduction and many would argue, I think, even more so because it has an even more direct practical impact on the safety of a person going into a bushfire season.”

He just told every person who wants to keep our national parks locked up, while we shut down our coal and gasfired power stations, ‘You have blood on your hands.’ Now, prepare for the storm.