Australian bushfires show why the ABC must be obliterated


It’s one hell of a racket.

You create a fake crisis regarding so-called “climate change“. You use this “climate emergency” to lock up national parks as so-called “carbon sinks” and let the fire trails go derelict to make sure nobody gets in, prosecute people for creating fire breaks on their own land and even for picking up wood off the side of the road, destroy the forestry industry and ban the alpine grazing of cattle.

Despite the recommendation of a royal commission, you make it difficult for your state to reach the bare minimum level of hazard reduction burns that have been set, and you ensure that you cannot be held to account for it.

These policies among others combine to generate an extremely dangerous fuel load in the Australian bush. When high temperatures and strong winds make the conditions irresistible to seemingly every firebug in the country, the Australian bush explodes and people die by the dozen.

You then use your stranglehold over the mainstream media to repeat the lie over and over again that the catastrophe, caused by policies implemented in the name of mitigating fake climate change, actually proves that climate change is real.

The proposed solution is essentially to intensify the policies which caused the disaster in the first place, and to reduce so-called “carbon emissions” to zero, code for closing down every coal and gas fired power plant and ending all coal and gas mining.

Thus the goal of the climate cult is to subject Australia every summer to disastrous bushfires while reducing our capacity to do anything about them. It is pure communism, design to reduce Australia to third world status so the whole world can be equal in its misery.

It is evil.

This brings us to the ABC. The taxpayer funded dinosaur is one of the main culprits responsible for spreading climate alarmism. It regularly publishes alarmist reports and dismisses critiques of climate alarmism.

It has happily engaged in scapegoating Scott Morrison for the Australian bushfires, it has conveniently scrubbed reports of environmentalists preventing hazard reduction burns, and it has echoed Victorian state government propaganda that it is actually because of “climate change” that hazard reduction burns have been so few, a claim rubbished by experts.

Thus through its activism in propagating climate hysteria, the ABC Is one of the chief culprits in making Australia’s current bushfires so deadly. Yet the ABC is the organisation tasked with broadcasting vital information in the case of bushfires. Listen to ABC radio at any time this summer and you will hear the climate hysteria narrative fully integrated with their emergency coverage.

It is like putting Joseph Stalin in charge of the food rations.

The solution should be to completely abolish the ABC. A small emergency broadcasting service can be established, tasked with the sole responsibility of broadcasting emergency information, at a fraction of the cost of the ABC.

And every employee of the ABC should be put on trial for treason against the Australian people.