Scotland reveals the lie at the heart of civic nationalism


The three year shenanigans surrounding Brexit continue apace as the UK heads to a general election in December. The Tories remain smugly confident but I predict that the British people will use this as an opportunity to punish the ruling class as much as possible, at least as regards to the potentials of punishment at the ballot box, which as we have seen with Brexit itself remains most miserable.

The ruling class does what it wants regardless of the will of the little people. Fifty years of the unfettered immigration of incompatible populations without never the question being asked as if this was desirable is all the evidence one requires.

Among all the coming variables, the most interesting remains Scotland. Arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it has suffered from over a hundred years of leftist dogma which has only succeeded in continually driving away the best and the brightest from each generation. While it still holds some vestiges of its potential, the grim reality is a grey world of welfare, single mothers, and deep fried Mars Bars.

Against this backdrop, the leader of the main Scottish political party made a desperate plea for Scots living overseas to come back and make their country great again. Under the glorious protection of the EU dictatorship of course.

Nicola Sturgeon calls Australian Scots to the fore.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is poised to be the big winner from a pre-Christmas election in Britain, and she wants thousands of Scots living in Australia to be part of any new, independent Scotland.

After helping British Prime Minister Boris Johnson secure an early poll, Ms Sturgeon is expected to sweep up seats in Scotland on a pro-Europe and anti-Britain platform.

She is promising Scots at home and around the world that her ­independent Scotland would fight to remain in the EU, despite the consequences of breaking its much older union with England.

There is great incoherencey in these words. An independent nation does not fight to stay in the EU as any country mired in that great mess is by default dependent. The Scottish ruling class wishes to make a break with their traditional dependency and move on to a supposedly better and more glorious second option. It’s like moving off unemployment benefits in favor of a disability pension.

But it gets better, for in her desperation Sturgeon has revealed the lie at the heart of civic nationalism.

More than 110,000 people ­living in Australia were born in Scotland, according to the 2016 census — many more with Scottish parents — and they have been watching closely as their homeland grapples with Brexit and the question of whether it should ­secede from the UK.

Ms Sturgeon said Scottish-Australians would be welcomed with open arms if they wanted to return and be part of her new, ­independent country.

“I’m always keen to encourage Scots who’ve gone to live and make a contribution elsewhere to come home,” she said. “If that is right for them. And obviously many do make that decision.”

I am one of those Australians with Scottish parents, or at least a parent. So even though I was born and raised in Australia, Sturgeon considers me to be a Scot. Because blood is indeed thicker than paper.

Immigrants remain tied by blood to their country of origin. As such, their allegiance to their host nation is beyond suspect; it is guaranteed to be flawed. Australia is chock to the brim with such people from just about every nation on earth. None of them could be considered loyal to Australia, not when the push comes to shove. But this is the cornerstone of civic nationalism; anyone can become a Westerner as it’s just a value system.

This is a fundamental untruth. A Westerner is a Westerner by blood and nothing else. And the blood ties go back a long way indeed. Sturgeon is a chronic leftie progressive, so mired in the muck of socialist dogma that she has failed to understand what she has done with this proclamation. She has exposed the fetid underbelly of the rotting civic nationalist corpse. Because she has only asked for Scots by blood to come back, and as every person instinctively knows no matter how great the progressive brainwashing, it is only blood ties that count.

She didn’t ask for protestants. She didn’t ask for Nigerians. She didn’t ask for any old Australians to come over who feel the urge. No, she specifically requested people who are tied to Scotland by Scottish bloodlines.

I will not partake of Sturgeon’s offer at this point in time, for the benefits are meager and the drawbacks are immense. But I am extremely grateful to Sturgeon for her massive progressive faux pas.

“My message overall from Scotland is that we are determined to remain an open, outward-looking, tolerant country.”

I don’t think so, Nicola. If the only ones you want are Scots by blood then you’re the opposite of the progressive utopia of outward looking tolerance. Choose one or the other, but you can’t have both. At least not if you’re a rational and logical thinker who desires truth above all other things. Which means that she most probably can hold these two diametrically opposed viewpoints at the same time.

Isn’t progressivism a most wondrous thing?

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