Melbourne Traditionalists Ep 14: Sir Wilfred Kent Hughes


As real Australians we walk in the footsteps of giants. I don’t carry on about it but my own family history has a couple of them in there. This episode I was chuffed that Mark Moncrieff of Melbourne Traditionalists and Upon Hope chose to read out some biographical details about my great-grandfather, Sir Wilfred Kent Hughes.

He served in the Australian Army during both world wars and was a prisoner of the Japanese. He was a longtime member of the Liberal Party, serving as acing Premier in Victoria in the 1930’s and in the Menzies government after the war. During his time in Victoria he actually described himself as ‘a fascist without the shirt’, and throughout his political career he was not afraid to call a spade a spade, and eventually parted ways with the Liberal Party.

It is a legacy of which my whole family is quite proud, so special thanks to Mark for chosing the topic.