Climate Cultists At The Con Demand Deniers Repent


The Climate Cultists over at The Con are going hard pushing the word of The Science to their fawning and adoring acolytes of doom. Ever since they declared themselves a heresy free zone and banned anyone who might dare question the sanctity of the almighty IPCC, they’ve made sure to give their holy scriptures the appropriate attention.

It’s hard to choose from the constantly rotating list of Lucifarian sermons, it must be great for those devoted converts; every day they get to announce their piety. Too bad for them they might have banned all dissent, but they can’t stop response articles calling out their clowning.

Recently some Priest from Auckland University called David Hall wanted to tell the congregation why some people still don’t believe the same things they all do. He called it “Climate explained: why some people still think climate change isn’t real.”

“At its heart, climate change denial is a conflict between facts and values. People deny the climate crisis because, to them, it just feels wrong.”

Remember when they say “climate change” they don’t mean the unending variation in climate through time our planet always experiences, they mean it’s our fault. They mean we emit CO2 (we exhale) and CO2 is bad so we are bad because The Science.

When they call it “climate change denial”, they really just mean heresy.

It doesn’t need to be stated that this sentence is projection, it’s obviously projection, but like all good lies it does have a little bit of truth. At its heart, the debate between the climate cult and all reasonable individuals is a conflict between facts and values.

The facts are clear, climate always changes, it’s never not changed, that’s built into nature, what’s not clear is that we can do anything meaningful to change this process. Even if we humans are indeed having a meaningful effect on climate there’s no proof this effect is negative, nor that it can over-ride the natural cycle of climate.

As such, whining about it incessantly and pushing your opinions, whilst demanding ever more money and action from the populous are never going to make people change their behaviour in the way you want them to.

Which is why the end goal of the climate cult is force, it is to force us to comply with their beliefs, or else.

This is the goal of all Luciferian ideologies; these people need Christ desperately, but back to the article:

“Denial happens when climate science rubs us up the wrong way. Instead of making us want to arrest the climate crisis, it makes us resist the very thought of it, because the facts of anthropogenic global heating clash with our personal projects.”

Read this as though it’s a priest telling their acolyte why people fall into blasphemy against their prophets.

These people are in a cult and one that worships Satan; it’s funny but it’s also horrifying.

The rest of the article is the usual diatribe, “global warming real, global warming bad, denier bad, praise the Jews.”

The best bit comes at the end:

“In sum, denial is repressed knowledge. For climate change, this repression occurs at both the psychological level and social level, with the latter providing fodder for the former. This is a dismal scenario, but it shines some light on the way forward.

“On the one hand, it reminds us that deniers are capable of acknowledging the science – at some level, they already do – even though they struggle to embrace the practical and ethical implications. Consequently, climate communications may do well to appeal to more diverse values, particularly those values held by the deniers themselves.

“Experiments have shown that, if the risks and realities of climate change are reframed as opportunities for community relationship building and societal development, then deniers can shift their views. Similarly, in the US context, appealing to conservative values like patriotism, obeying authority and defending the purity of nature can encourage conservatives to support pro-environmental actions.”

If they want to reach us they need to “appeal” to “conservative values” like “patriotism, obeying authority and defending the purity of nature. Now eat your bugs, live in your pods, have homo sex, and give your life to Babylon.”

Excuse me while I call an exorcist.

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