Extorting the West with the climate change scam


UN bars coal nations from stage at global emissions conference.

Australia has been barred from speaking at a UN climate summit in New York next week, where China and India will call for ­trillions of dollars more in climate funding from the developed world.

Other big economies, including the US and Japan, have also been silenced because they have not agreed to increase their am­bitions to tackle climate change.

Despite being one of the world’s top investors in ­renew­able energy last year, ­Australia is criticised for relying heavily on coal and refusing to contribute fur­ther money to a green climate fund.

China and India are still classed as developing countries, a fraudulent lunacy which has no end point. They also import millions of tonnes of coal for the coal fired power stations which they are building at great speed. That they do this and then also seek to extort the Western World to greater levels of climate lunacy merely reveals the great scam behind the climate change fraud. It is socialism dressed up as environmentalism. It is white guilt for colonialism. It is the prog left seeking to atone for the invented sins of their fathers.

And it will never stop until the real right finds its balls and takes power because once you pay the Dane geld then you are forever trapped in that circle. For our enemies can never be appeased.

The first leader of the once free world to remove the country he represents from the UN will make history. Modern politicians are collectively desperate to be inscribed in the history books but only in a manner that will ensure that their future statues will not be pulled down, nor their future namesake buildings ignominiously renamed. Their desperate desire for group think approval has the effect of none of them standing out from the herd, which means none of them will enter history.

They are frozen into inaction by the horrible circumstances of their being unable to independently process information and form their own informed opinion. Their stupidity and their inability to see the wood for the trees manifests itself in ludicrous headlines such as the one quoted here. We are doomed because we are locked together with them. We are doomed because man turned away from God and sought to fill the void with whatever was at hand. It takes a long time to build things up and hardly any time at all to tear it all down.

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