The Uncuckables Ep. 27: Order in the Court


This week the Australian federal government launched an enquiry into the broken family law system. This has been a long time coming and it will give a voice to many men and fathers who have been ignored for so long. However, nothing will fix the family law system, because our families are broken. Decades of toxic feminism and no-fault divorce have produced generations of broken people who go on to have broken families and the cycle continues.

Ideally there should be no divorce and no family court.

Last night on The Uncuckables we also discussed the continuing legal harrasment of Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson, and Justin Trudeau getting mud on his face.

We were joined by Dusty Bogan in his Make Australia Great Again cap, and Australian Meditations in a makeshift turban. He made the argument that only white people should be allowed to appropriate other cultures because we are superior to all others, therefore it is offensive for lesser cultures to appropriate our own.

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