Hail Boris


Boris Johnson has been elected to keep Great Britain white.

Along with Nigel Farage, Boris was a leading public figure in the effort to get Great Britain out of the European Union. We could go over a lot of complicated, boring reasons why Great Britain left the EU, such as its desire for greater political autonomy, or the increasing authoritarianism and micromanagement of the EU, but the number one reason Britons voted to leave the EU was the desire to get their country back.

Indigenous Britons are on course to becoming a minority in their own country, and are faced with the prospect of living in an Islamic Britain. Leaving the EU is the first step in being able to stem the flow of people crossing legally and illegally into Great Britain. If Great Britain is to have a border, it has to be independent.

The odd Battle of Britain veteran can point out that this isn’t the Britain they fought for but in general, Britons aren’t really supposed to say this. But once you clear away all the fluff, race was precisely what Brexit was about, even f Poms couldn’t or weren’t allowed to articulate it as such.

This is why Remoaners label Brexiteers as “racist”. An establishment British government would never actually allow the British people a direct vote on immigration, but both sides understand that at the end of the day, despite all the discussion of the democratic deficit or the ridiculous regulations on the shape of vegetables or what constitutes chocolate, Brexit was about race, immigration, and the desire to keep Britain British.

Thus the globalist David Cameron fell as Prime Minister because he made the mistake of giving the British people a vote on race by default. Now the globalist Theresa May has fallen because her mission to keep Great Britain in the EU for as long as possible has run its course. Brexit was Great Britain’s Trump moment. Now, Great Britain has its Trump.

From the Australian:

Britain’s new pro-Brexit prime minister Boris Johnson has promised to bring peace to his warring Conservatives, ignite a national spirit of can-do and defeat ­Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn in a rousing speech after winning the party leadership.

A tranche of bitter Remainer MPs from the Tory party is threatening to scupper Mr Johnson as soon as he is sworn in by the Queen tomorrow, demanding he row back from his Brexit ultimatum of taking the country out of the EU on October 31 even without a deal.

But moments after being announced as the new leader of the Conservative Party, Mr Johnson was defiant, saying: “This pivotal moment in our history, we again have to reconcile two sets of ­instincts, two noble sets of instincts, between the deep desire for friendship and free trade and ­mutual support in security and ­defence between Britain and our European partners, and the simultaneous desire — equally deep and heartfelt — for democratic self-government in this country.’’

That is code for keeping Great Britain white. He has to speak in code. Yes, it is a dog whistle, a dog whistle for truth and for the right of the British people to have their own nation.  National sovereignty is “racism”.  So be it.

Boris faces a mountain of challenges. He has enemies within:

The restive Remainer backbenchers — who number about 40 — will now scrutinise Mr Johnson’s statements over the next few days before deciding whether they will force a constitutional crisis.

Mr Johnson’s choice of chancellor, foreign secretary, Brexit secretary and home secretary will also send a signal about how ­inclusive he intends to be, or whether he wants to try to steamroll Brexit through.

The situation is so fragile that in the coming months the Queen could be asked to defy centuries-old tradition and prorogue parliament; some Tories — believing a no-deal Brexit would be so calamitous to the nation that they will ­extinguish their own political ­futures — could cross the floor to support a no-­confidence motion; or there could be a snap general election…

Johnson has inherited May’s disastrous decisions — including the election of 2016 when she lost her large majority, meaning the Conservatives rule only with the confidence and supply of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party.

The slim working majority is down to two, and with some Remainer MP’s facing future de-selection at grassroots level, they will have little to lose to try and torpedo Johnson’s plans.

As usual, Greg Sheridan’s analysis of the domestic situation is sound.

Boris also has enemies without.

From the Washington Post:

When Johnson clocks in, he will face an overflowing in-tray of items that need urgent attention, including a showdown in the Persian Gulf with a belligerent Iran. The two countries have been in a tense standoff since Britain impounded an Iranian tanker suspected of sending oil to Syria, and Iran retaliated by seizing a British-flagged oil tanker last week.

Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, congratulated Johnson on Tuesday. “Iran does not seek confrontation,” Zarif tweeted. “But we have 1500 miles of Persian Gulf coastline. These are our waters & we will protect them.”

Politics watchers are keen to see whether Johnson continues Britain’s effort to salvage the 2015 deal designed to discourage Iran from developing nuclear weapons, or whether he bends to U.S. pressure to impose sanctions on Iran.

Boris is the sort of politician who will understand that there is no point going to war with another country if you don’t have a country in the first place. Nobody cares if Iran nukes Israel, but everybody cares one way or another, whether Real Briton or globalist, about whether or not Great Britain stays British.

Keeping Great Britain British is Boris Johnson’s number one task.