Sri Lanka bombings retaliation for Christchurch: Never saw it coming


So a white guy allegedly shoots up a mosque in Christchurch, kills 50 muslims. In his manifesto he states that he chose muslim targets precisely because he understood that muslims were likely to retaliate, which would escalate a race war. The Western government-media complex blames all white men for the incident and labels any expression of racial awareness by white people to be an incitement to violence.

Following this a black muslim African supremacist in Italy posts “Africa, rise up” to social media then hijacks a bus carrying the highly coincidental number of 50 Italian children and attempts to burn them all alive. Quickly memory-holed by the Western government-media complex.

The President of Turkey in response to the Christchurch incident openly threatens Australian and New Zealand tourists who plan to visit Anzac Cove, demonstrating that unlike the West’s political leaders he not only understands that his country comprises people who actually share his ethnic and religious identity, but he also appreciates the history of warfare between his civilisation and the West. Quickly memory-holed by the Western government-media complex.

Notre Dame, the most important cathedral in France, goes up in flames.

From a fire that conveniently started after all workmen had gone home for the day and just after the cathedral had been closed to the public for the day.

A fire which possibly started in two seperate places.

In a European country quickly being overrun by the third world invaders who have been heartlessly imported by the globalist establishment.

Third world invaders who are known for destroying, building over or appropriating the most important churches or temples of the peoples they conquer.

This occurs barely a couple of months after Christchurch, and during the week before Christianity’s holiest day.

The Western government-media establishment deems it an accident even before the fire is put out, and plans are floated for a multi-faith oriented rebuild.

But then muslims murder over 300 Christians on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, a country with no artificial holocaust guilt, the government of which, (the last time an ethnic-religious minority who had migrated to the country in recent history only to demand independence in the region they had colonised started suicide bombing the ethnic-religious majority,) launched a full scale war to not only defeat the terrorists but to ethnically cleanse the population which supported them.

Consequently, Sri Lankan officials are having none of the Globalist infested West’s bullshit.

From NZ Herald:

A Sri Lanka government minister says the Easter Sunday bombings which killed more than 300 people were retaliation for the Christchurch mosque attacks.

State Minister of Defence Ruwan Wijewardene told Sri Lankan Parliament initial investigations showed the co-ordinated attacks were “carried out in retaliation for the attack against Muslims in Christchurch”.

Wijewardene said two domestic Islamic organisations were responsible for the bombings, including National Thawheed Jama’ut (NTJ).

Wait for it…

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s office said they have “not yet seen any intelligence upon which such an assessment might be based”, Stuff reported.

Of course she hasn’t. Stupid pig.

Here’s the thing. We are in a race war and a religious war. We have been for years. The globalist establishment instigated it, but now they label any white person who points this out a conspiracy theorist and a terrorist extremist.

Just as the globalist establishment denies the process of white genocide while actively persecuting white genocide, it refuses to acknowledge the escalations which have occurred since Christchurch as anything of the sort.

The globalist establishment does however understand that what happened in Christchurch has changed everything. They understand if one white man is going to retaliate against the extensive list of massacres carried out against white people and Christians, then another man, and another, and another can and will. They understand that the restraint of white men in the face of an unprecedented level of violence perpetrated against us is the one thing which has prevented European lands from descending into full scale revolt. More than the escalation itself, what is significant about Tarrant’s alleged actions is the social proof it will provide for others like him.

And there isn’t a thing any of us can do about it. We here at The XYZ call for peaceful action and we mean it, but it won’t matter a jot. The race war is here. It will be televised but not acknowledged. Ultimately it won’t consume European lands, nor the Islamic world.

But it will consume the globalist establishment.