Anning is a moderate so go and vote for him

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I was expecting to get a great deal of push-back over my article on Fraser Anning and his evident inability to grasp biological reality. But between my site, XYZ Magazine where it was cross posted and in the Facebook comments, the reaction has been pretty much an even split. I got the usual, ‘don’t shoot right’ comments but all in all it was quite gratifying to see that people are waking up to what is going on around them. Anning is the great white hope for this Australian election and thus a sacred cow, and you don’t shoot sacred cows in your own backyard if you know what’s good for you. But I had a shot anyway.

However, let’s get one thing straight that I probably should have clarified in the original article – you must vote for Anning and for most of his team, (just not the chicks or the darkies). He is the only choice in this election for those of us on the real right side of politics in this country. He is the best that we have got at this point in time and we have to go with him. But everyone needs to understand the reality of the situation, and that is that Anning is a Boomer who believes in traditional conservatism. He is a man of the traditional right who wants the genie to be put back in its box or from wherever it came.

But the box has been opened and it broke everything in sight and we’re not going back to the way things once were.

The Z Man has an article today about the dissident right which is the next stage evolution of the alt right. Here is a quote to help you understand what the dissident right is and how it differs from the traditional right.

“The dissident right is not a reaction to radicalism. It is a promotion of biological reality. It offers an alternative foundation for political philosophy.

“As far as being on the Right, it is because biological realism reaches the most of the same conclusions of the traditional Right, with regards to human nature and the human organization. The difference is that the traditional Right assumes those traditions, customs and institutions are the result of accumulated wisdom. The dissident right, in contrast, thinks of traditions, customs and institutions as evolved solutions to human organization that are peculiar to a people, because of their peculiar evolutionary arc.”

Anning talks the right game but at heart he believes that Western values can simply be learned as opposed to inherited. Anyone can become a westerner; it’s just a value system. No doubt Anning met and was charmed by his Indian recruit, who ludicrously calls himself Paul Taylor, a mark of a true Anglophile. Anning wants to believe that people like Taylor can become true Australians. We don’t want any old foreigners, just the good ones. You can throw into this camp the lunatics who go all weak at the knees whenever they hear a story of a “hardworking foreigner”.

Take this article in The Australian which is an active propaganda piece for how wonderful it is that overseas students studying in Australia can decide to stay if they feel like it. The article features a student from Nepal who reckons that he’s onto a sweet deal in Australia once he finishes university.

“It’s a long way from his family in the Himalayan region of Nepal but Mr Ghimire, 25, said Australia was “one of the best places in the world to study” because of its prosperous employment opportunities.

“After he began a masters degree in convergent media at Western Sydney University, Mr Ghimire said it took less than 12 months before he realised the Australian business and IT sector would give him the best chance of full-time employment after his studies, and so he transferred to a business degree at Victoria University in Sydney.”

The article then craps on about how he has to get up at 5am to clean some buildings before he goes to university for the day, as if only foreigners were prepared to do that work. But it’s the comments to the article that reveal the depths that the traditional right will go to fuel their total belief in the wonders of civic nationalism.

“These kids (or their parents) are making an enormous contribution to our country our third biggest export behind coal and we know where coal is going. And how terrible is it that having paid well north of 100k for a degree some of them hang about and get a job and further contribute to the community? Ill take a hard working international student who pays their own way over an economic immigrant any day.

“Many Australians dont understand that their kids could not go to University without the mums and dads of China subsidising their education. Government funding makes up about 30-40% of a Go8 teaching income. Take those kids out and who is paying for your kids to go to Uni? Bill Shorten could of course double down on retirees.”

The justification and moral virtue that they manage to find for their own replacement is beyond parody. Never in the field of the human race have so many wanted so badly to be replaced by their inferiors.

Anning is genuinely upset and outraged at the level to which the great replacement of whites has occurred in this country, and like I already stated, he is the best thing that we have going and you must vote for him. He dips his toe into the scary waters of biological realities but he doesn’t come close to diving straight in. Anning wants an un-messy solution to the horrible mess in which Australia resides. But we are never going to vote ourselves out of this predicament.

We need men like Anning to pave the way, and we must also hope that they are able to fix the majority of the biological realities which haunt us in as fair and humane a way as possible. The ironic thing is that the left believe with all their hearts that Anning is a genuine monster when in reality he is a moderate. What will come after Anning is when things get real.

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