The media will not be held accountable and nothing will change


The Mueller investigation’s findings surprised exactly nobody under the age of 65 who don’t watch networks such as CNN or MSNBC. Now that the results are in there are many who believe that this is a watershed moment for bad and unethical journalism, (but I repeat myself). The lies that the MSM and cuckservatives pushed for over two years cannot be dodged. The evidence is there; the incriminating Twitter feeds and Youtube videos, the long winded articles in print and online, all cataloguing two years of purposeful lies, dissemination, and outright treason as the MSM conspired to unseat a lawfully elected president because they do not approve of him. Surely this time they will be held accountable for their actions, and surely this time nobody will believe anything that they say anymore.

Well, I’m here to tell you that nothing will happen and nothing will change.

First of all, the media is not sorry, and nor are they backing away from their obvious lies. After getting it so wrong for so long, Politico immediately accused the Trump administration of not doing enough to bring unity to the country over the issue. This is but one of many examples of the media’s efforts to double down after the investigation’s findings blew away their fantasies.

On top of this, no matter what the Right has to say on the subject, we will not collectively hold them accountable. The people who are screaming for heads to roll and boasting that the media has no remaining credibility are the same ones who routinely quote current polling numbers concerning President Trump as well as his opposition. I’m sorry, but weren’t those the same polling outlets that were “completely discredited” after their amazing efforts at getting both the 2016 US election and Brexit so spectacularly wrong? I thought that their entire business models were destroyed and that nobody would take them seriously like ever ever again?

Color me confused.

Next, the MSM has a long and quite incredible history of lying, being found out, and moving on as if there was nothing to see here, folks, please all of you go back to your homes. Here is Borepatch recollecting the interview between Christopher Hitchens and Charlie Rose way back in 1999, where they discussed Bill Clinton and the media’s obvious lies and partisanship on that notorious lecher’s sins. They got away scot-free on that one and countless others. The MSM holds to that old Hitler line where he said that you gotta tell a really big fib if you want to get away with it.

Which leads me to my last point on the matter; the media’s business is lying. It is extremely profitable for them. Roughly 20% of the country watches and listens in total desperation for their anti-Trump fantasies to come true and the nightmare of 2016 to be behind them. People are saying that these media outlets have scammed their viewers, but they simply gave them what they wanted. If people didn’t want it then the media wouldn’t have a product or a business model. Hell, the major newspapers that pushed the Mueller rubbish are merely vanity blogs for their respective billionaire owners. They don’t need to be profitable so long as they are performing their required propaganda role.

So please, gloat all you want and enjoy the winning. But know that right now as of this moment the same media outlets are busily engaged with coming up with the next outrageous lie which they will collectively push all at the same time. What a coincidence that will be, right?

UPDATE: And low and behold, here it is.

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