How the ABC caused the deaths of 50 Muslims in Christchurch


Blackthorn Jack

Assuming that all the news reports on the Christchurch tragedy are correct, it appears that a young man who had very real concerns about the globalists’ replacement agenda of all white majority countries felt powerless to discuss it, and so resorted to violence in a way that plays into their hands and only helps to hasten its implementation.

The young man was in Europe when Muslims used trucks to run down and kill white children and adults. This seems to be what motivated him to seek revenge. As all Australians know, it is impossible to question the globalists’ mass 3rd world immigration agenda without the ABC, SBS, commercial stations and newspapers using their monopolies to slander and pillory the questioner.

Since the ABC has been infiltrated by globalists it will stop at nothing to promote its Cultural Marxist agenda. What people on the so called right sometimes don’t notice is that it puts its anti-Western agenda ahead of all Australians, not just those on the ‘right’.

Australians witnessed during the same sex marriage debate that the ABC will never quibble at exposing the most vulnerable, confused individual homosexuals to public derision, supposedly in the interest of homosexuals but really in the interest of promoting the globalist Cultural Marxist agenda. Cultural Marxists don’t care about the feelings or well-being of their pawns, foot soldiers and useful idiots and never have, nor do they care about the people who they see as enemies who question their agenda.

Instead of the ABC working in the interest of the Australian people who fund it to the tune of 1 billion dollars per year, it works day and night in the interests of globalists promoting their Cultural Marxist agenda to harm and replace Australians with mass 3rd world immigration. Should you question their agenda they will use associated conditioning and hate slurs to shut you down. Their hatred for true diversity of opinion leads to frustration, and it leads week minded people to do unspeakable things.

Unfortunately it is unlikely that the ABC will change its policy and allow diversity of thought, because every time an Australian gets frustrated and commits a terrible crime this can be used to reinforce the anti-white narrative and promote more immigration and ‘integration’, etc.

Australians must never play into their dirty hands and stoop to 3rd world vengeful tactics. We must continue to promote the truth in a peaceful way. We must never be intimidated by hateful globalists and must struggle even harder to redpill the public and eventually take back the ABC. We will then produce reality based documentaries like they did back before the 1980’s. Here is an example. It also shows how safe people felt before mass 3rd world immigration was imposed without a vote.