Fraser Anning: #ItsOkToBeWhite just virtue signalling without immigration plebiscite

Photo by Boston White, sourced from the Facebook page of Senator Fraser Anning.

David Hilton reported on the hysterics triggered on the left by Pauline Hanson’s motion to the Senate that It’s Ok to be White. Since then, even Australia’s so-called “conservative” government has attempted to backpedal, in response to criticism of the fact that many Liberal and National MP’s voted in favour of the motion.

Matty’s Modern Life neatly summarises the issue in this video:

The Bad Boy of Australian Politics, Senator Fraser Anning, has released two very interesting media statements in the last two days on this topic.

Yesterday he released the following statement, where he pointed out that saying “It’s Ok to be White” is a simple statement of fact; people of other races or religions are allowed to display pride in their heritage; and he pledged his support for Pauline Hanson’s motion, despite the fact that she did not support his call for a plebiscite on immigration:

He has followed this up today with another press release in which he makes the case that Pauline Hanson should support his call for a plebiscite, because:

“Senator Hanson has previously said many times that she opposes a predominantly European immigration program and she opposes my proposal for a plebiscite on this issue, so under those circumstances, when she says “it’s OK to be white” she is really just saying “it’s OK for white people to be a minority in Australia”


This is excellent for Australian politics, for the existence of our people and for the future of Austrlian children. As Adam Piggott has pointed out, our ostensibly “conservative” government no longer upholds conservative principles. Like other cuckservative parties in the West, it bases its so-called “principles” on cementing the social victories the left achieved yesterday, while mildly opposing the latest insane social cause the left is pushing today, only to fold tomorrow and uphold the new leftist position, while the left moves on to a new crazy frontier.

Finally, in the heart of political power in Australia, we have the potential for the dynamic to work the other way, back toward sanity. Pauline Hanson has been roundly criticised for her failure to support Senator Anning after he was condemened for upholding traditional Australian values in his maiden speech. Aware that she cannot be seen to be betraying her base, her putting forward the “It’s Ok to be White” motion can be seen as a way of reaffirming her commitment to real Australians and their desire to end mass immigration.

Senator Anning is her competition, and this excellent return of serve will keep the pressure on Pauline not to cuck, and could increase the momentum to achieve a policy victory – to ask real Australians, for the first time ever, if they are actually Ok with being demographically displaced via mass immigration.

Finally, if both Anning and Hanson achieve greater political support in the polls due their genuine support for an end to mass immigration, this may serve to pull the Liberal and National Coalition back toward the views of mainstream Australians regarding immigration.