Is Facebook promoting White Supremacy?


As everybody knows, if you make a sign with your hands with your pinky, ring finger and middle finger outstretched, making a W, and your index and thumb making a circle, making the head of a P, you are a racist. The intials stand for “White Power”.

Is Donald Trump a nazi?

Here is a picture of virulent racist Lauren Southern making the White Power symbol.

Did it take you about 5 seconds to notice the white power symbol? #MeToo. From Reddit.

It is disgusting, I know.

But wait!

Despite their frequent platitudes regarding censoring racism and the promotion of diversity on their platform, Facebook has inadvertently, or advertently, used the White Power symbol to help people promote their pages:

The XYZ is deeply committed to keeping Facebook a safe environment for all Facebook users. As such, we sent Facebook a message:

We recently created a backup page to our page XYZ. The backup is called XYZ mk.II. As it is a new page, we receive helpful hints regarding how to promote and improve our page.

One of these hints features a hand with three fingers outstreched, while the index and thumb make a circle.

We don’t know if you are aware, but this is a white power symbol used by white supremacists globally.

We understand that Facebook is very keen to stamp out racism on its platform. We hope this suggestion ensures that this racist image will not appear on our page again.

Yours sincerely,

The XYZ.

Facebook has not responded specifically to this query.

You can like The XYZ’s back up page here.