BREAKING: Fraser Anning to introduce Plebiscite (Restricting NonEuropean Migration) Bill

Photo by Boston White, sourced from the Facebook page of Senator Fraser Anning.

Remember that time the elites of Australia decided they wanted to drastically alter the demography of Australia by importing hundreds of thousands of people every year from Asia, the Middle East and Africa, but they thought they should probably ask ordinary Australians first, given we would be the ones most affected?

Me neither.

The whole point of populate or perish was that Australia needed a bigger population to avoid being invaded by our more populous Asian neighbours. Thus our elites imported millions of people from our more populous Asian neighbours.

By the grace of God, we currently have two ordinary Australians who managed to get elected into parliament. The result is that they are competing to out-do each other in their efforts to mend the damage done to this country over the last 50 years:

Fraser Anning will today be moving to introduce a Plebiscite (Restricting NonEuropean Migration) Bill 2018, to give Australians the opportunity to answer the following three questions:

  1. Do you think the current rate of immigration from all sources should be substantially reduced?
  2. Do you think that, in order to facilitate assimilation of migrants and to preserve the current ethnic composition of society, Australia’s immigration policy should be changed to favour predominantly European immigration?
  3. Given the record of previous Muslim immigrants to this country in terms of welfare dependency, crime and terrorism, should further Muslim immigration be prohibited?

The genius of the “It’s Ok to be White” meme was that it was designed to expose the gulf between the far left mono-narrative and reality:

  • Make a completely reasonable statement about the fact that there is nothing wrong with being a white person.
  • Far left over-reacts and labels it “white supremacy”, “racist” and “nazi”.
  • This diminishes the power of the smears of “white supremacy”, “racist” and “nazi” given the original statement is so innocuous.
  • By opposing the statement “It’s Ok to be White” the true anti-white agenda of the left is revealed.

It worked in America in November 2017 and it has worked this week in Australia when Pauline Hanson forced Australia’s political and media establishment to reveal its hatred of white people.

This proposed Bill by Fraser Anning will work in exactly the same way. Watch as most of Australia’s elected federal politicians collaborate to prevent the Australian people from having a democratic voice on immigration, and Australia’s 1% fall over themselves to label Fraser Anning as Literally Hitler.

Because they don’t want you to have a say on immigration. They never wanted you to have a say on immigration.

They want you gone.