Quote of the Day: Unauthorised Victim Groups


The smash and grab by the South African government against white South African’s farmland is revealling the true nature of our globalist elites. Their response to Donald Trump’s righteous fury at the crimes being committed against white South Africans, in labelling fears of a genocide against white South Africans as a “neo-nazi conspiracy theory” shows that genocide is exactly what they have in mind.

Tucker Carlson has also copped it, but like a boss, he escalated:

Here is a key point:

“Now our elites endorse the idea of a racial spoils system, and that’s the scariest part. It’s far more ominous than what the corrupt and incompetent government in South Africa is doing. Our ruling class now believes in collective punishment.”

As Adam Piggott has warned, makes you think about what they have in mind for us.

Quote of the Day goes to Tucker’s guest, Christian Whiton:

“This is one of the sort of unauthorised victim groups around the world. We have authorised ones we’re allowed to be concerned about.”

I believe the expression is BANG!

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