Hold off the Nukes: Demons make the Semi Finals

Nathan Jones celebrate’s Melbourne’s win. It is believed that soon after he drank mead from the skull of Joel Selwood. From foxsports.

The Melbourne Football Club showed tremendous fight last night to win their first final in 12 years against Geelong, 10.15 (75) to 6.10 (46). The Demons blitzed the Cats in the first quarter with five goals to none, while the second and third quarters became a tense arm wrestle.

The experienced Cats outfit were able to absorb the ferocious pressure Melbourne applied to them, while putting enough pressure on Melbourne to force them to miss many opportunities in front of goal and keep Geelong in the match.

The match was finally broken open midway through the last quarter when Mitch Hannan was able to burst clear from the wing and run into an open goal to give Melbourne a safe buffer.

Ultimately Melbourne appeared the better side all night, with brutal tackles, desperate smothers and a bit of luck quashing every Geelong attempt to fight their way back into the match. While Geelong’s star midfield of Joel Selwood, Rory Dangerfield and Gary Abblett and power forward Tom Hawkins played at or near their best, they were matched by Melbourne’s Nathan Jones, Angus Brayshaw, Ritchie Vandenberg, James Harmes, Clayton Oliver, Max Gawn, Jack Viney and Tom McDonald, and the Dees had a greater depth of contributors.

Pundits are rightly talking up Melbourne’s premiership chances, especially following Richmond’s and Footscray’s drought breakers in the previous two years.

There were wild celebrations after the siren, with Melbourne fans watching their boys sing the club song in the rooms on the big screens, and singing along with them, followed by a giant cheer. Blair Cottrell may be right when he points out that victory by proxy on the football field saps our desire for victory at our own hands, but it is worth taking note of the type of people who fill the seats of the MCC at a Melbourne win – they are a reminder of what Australia used to look like, and a a reminder of what we can be if we support the likes of Fraser Anning.

Also last night, just down the road at Collins Place, Aussie Patriots were working toward that goal, as they crowded in to listen to the former head of the UK independence Party and Brexit hero, Nigel Farage. By all accounts he is a skilled and amusing story teller, and despite the usual pathetic attempts by homegrown terrorist outfits Antifa and CARF, the night went off without a hitch.

We should keep in mind that despite the best efforts of Farage, considering the treachery of the current Tory government which is dragging out the Brexit process for as long as it can in the hope it can weasel its way out of its democratic responsibility, and the overt communism of the Labour opposition, nothing will save Great Britain short of Queen Elizabeth personally leading her Scotts Guard up The Mall to take control of the city of London, dissolve parliament and arrest Sadiq Khan on charges of being a giant twat.

Seriously, can you imagine these gentlemen manning a tank squadron?

As for her progeny, she would be well advised to set Charles the task of demolishing every bleak Soviet-style housing estate built since the end of World War Two, fast track a succession plan for William and throw the rest in the Tower of London. She may well find herself in a similar position to Cersei and find it necessary to start again. Any takers?

She’s aged a bit. Photo by State Library of Queensland, Australia

For your country, lads.

Back to Melbourne.

Last night’s speech by Nigel Farage was yet another step in the long march to retake the physical space back from the feral terrorist left in what was once the best city in Australia. There is no comparison between the pandemonium we witnessed three years ago when thousands of far-left extremists opposed the thousands of mum-and-dad patriots who expressed their concern over the Islamisation of Australia via the Reclaim Australia marches, and the tepid chants of the mere dozens of hard core nutters left when conservatives organise a free speech rally, #FreeTommy rally, speaking events by Milo, Stefan & Lauren and JBP, or a men’s rights march.

Whether it is the principled libertarianism of the Australian Freedom of Speech Movement or the Australian Taxpayer’s Alliance, the mild kosher nationalism of Avi Yemini, the anti-feminist TradTHOTery of Sydney Watson, the real conservative grassroots work of the Australian Conservatives, the Western chauvinism of the Proud Boys, the pragmatism of the Melbourne Traditionalists or the ethnic nationalism of the Lads Society, there is a group, philosophy or activist for any ordinary Australian who is opposed to the anti-Australian thuggery of the left.

No need to #Nuke Melbourne. We’re cleansing it street by street.

A word of caution, though.

Have you ever considered the geography of Melbourne? Ringed by hills. Built around a circulary kinda looking depression filled with water, otherwise known as Port Phillip Bay. It is clear to me that Melbourne sits inside a caldera of a long dormant super volcano.

From vro.

Long dormant..